McClatchy InteractiveApril 21, 2008 

My peas are sprouting!

As you can see, they are just breaking the surface. I have been examining the bed every day since the first week passed, to see if they'd germinated. So far they seem to be coming up at regular intervals; I'll have to see if any more sprout in the next few days. I'm excited, though. Something I planted is growing!

No sign of the carrots yet, but they take a little longer to germinate. It doesn't help that my dog danced all over the carrot row and mashed down my neat little hill. It's only been a week, and the seed packet says they take 7-21 days. Therefore the time has come to start minutely inspecting the row every day to see if I can recognize carrot tops.

I finally transplanted my tomatoes and peppers today. Hopefully I didn't crowd them too much. I did manage to fit all four Early Girl plants and all four red bell peppers in the bed, leaving the cherry tomato and another pepper - yellow, I think? - to go into pots. The tomatoes are looking a little peaked; I'm hoping they perk up now that they have some room to stretch. I think the forward section of the bed gets more sun, too, which they should like.

I also transplanted my dill; we'll see how that goes. The sources I've read have universally declared that dill does not like to be moved, but I couldn't leave it in the temporary pot forever. It's next to the parsley now. If it doesn't take, I'll be sure to post a picture of its corpse before seeding another plant.

My raspberry bushes are still in their pots because I'm not sure where to put them. They're growing, though, and they will need a permanent home before too long. I haven't pinpointed a good spot in the yard that a) gets enough sun, b) gets enough rain, and c) is safe from the dog and his by-products. The spot I've been clearing by the stone wall is too shady, I think.

So the berries are next, and I'm going to keep clearing over by the wall; maybe I can plant some flowers over there. I'd really LIKE to have a SUNNY day where I could keep an eye on the light levels, but God or nature thinks it's fun to make it rain every weekend, so I never seem to be home in full sun. (You may have noticed how many of these pictures are taken on dreary days. Not my choice, I assure you.) I know we need the rain to combat the drought, but if anyone up there is listening, my plants and I would be grateful for a little weekend sun. Thanks so much.

Kristen Halverson wouldn't mind if it would rain during the week for once. Email her at

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