Real estate transactions May 30

May 30, 2008 


Selected property transactions of at least $150,000 in Muscogee County, recorded April 28 through May 5:

The Jordan Company to North End LLC; map & parcel 180-007-001; land district 8; land lots 83 and 95; deed book 9348, page 190; 3.58 acres; $950,000; commercial

Columbus Bank and Trust Company to Twentieth Century Land Corporation; 4063 Creek Bend Ridge; $600,000; residential

Brian Grier Inc. to Joseph L. Jones Jr. and Tammy S. Jones; 41 Wellington Court; $420,000

Christopher Drakeford to Walter A. Skupien and Sarah K. Skupien; 5031 Spyglass Court; $361,000; residential

Brian E. Lang to Gladys Cajina; 7114 Leighton Road; $350,000; residential

Leary & Brown Inc. to Ronald D. Black and Alfreda D. Black; 4499 English Ivy Drive; $325,000; residential

Francisco Gonzalez III and Kathryn Gonzalez to Anthony Gristina and Julie Suzanne Sivell; 2905 Averett Drive; $305,000

Noll A. Van Cleeve Jr. to Douglas L. Breault and Carol G. Breault; 6421 Fall Branch Drive; $290,000; residential

Ray M. Wright Inc. to Stacey Foster; 7018 Kendall Creek Drive; $281,900; residential

Keystone Builders Inc. to Lureen B. Osborn; 1555 Magnolia Way; $275,000

Jeff Lindsey Communities Inc. to Christina H. Hays; 7917 Nature Trail; $258,385

William A. Brannan Sr. to John Anderson and Carlye Anderson; 231 Pine Branch Circle; $255,000

Leary & Brown Inc. to Carmen Evans; 7217 Mobley Walk Drive; $248,800; residential

Ray M. Wright Inc. to Janet L. Peters; 1004 Silver Lake Drive; $245,000; residential

Wade Wright to Felisa Batson; 4525 Warner Court; $239,000; residential

Daniel H. Rampley to Gerhard M. Schulz; 4524 Warner Court; $230,000; residential

Ray M. Wright Inc. to Douglas M. Dudewicz and Margot M. Dudewicz; 1533 Tom Buk Tu Lane; $224,500; residential

Anthony R. Reid to Anthony C. Dooley and Jin K. Dooley; 5891 Big Oak Drive; $222,500; residential

Samuel Rumer to James P. Lugtu and Cassandra L. Lugtu; 2413 18th Ave.; $210,000; residential

Dorothy Gugliemetti to Vincent G. Pasko and Felicia Pasko; 7113 Chaucer Lane; $210,000; residential

Suan Boatner to SBD Properties LLC; map & parcels 080-001-003 and 080-001-004; land district 19; land lot 269; plat book 54, page 110; deed book 9348, page 196; $205,000; residential

Mitsuiji Ogawa to Roy T. Williams; map & parcel 071-032-013; plat book 30, page 109A; deed book 9350, page 136; $200,000

Robert T. Flournoy to Mary T. McConathy; 1520 Dinglewood Drive; $185,000

Susan C. Hickey to Carl S. Porter and Anne B. Porter; 1401 Forest Ave.; $185,000; residential

Ray M. Wright Inc. to Jennifer Matemu; 6078 White Pine Drive; $169,560; residential

Blackmon Realty Company to R. Doug Duncan III; (no address number) Creekrise Drive; map & parcel 173-002-006 and 006B; land district 19; land lots 256 and 257; plat book 99, page 22; deed book 9343, page 177; 5.81 acres; $169,241

Kevin M. Carolan to Eric H. Stinson and Lauren R. Stinson; 7624 Timberdale Court; $168,000

Jeffrey S. Hustick to Christopher R. Jones; 7132 Vinings Way; $160,000

Kevin G. McCallister to John A. Dence Jr.; 2242 Birchwood Drive; $158,900

Gloria M. Joiner to Charmette S. Kuhn-Kendrick; 7096 Vinings Way; $158,000; residential

Ronald P. Hall to Henry W. Moore; 21 Middleton Place; $156,500; residential

Steve J. Smith to John J. Gibbons Jr.; 7206 Midland Chase Loop; $152,000; residential

Harris aka Philip E. Harris Jr. to Ivy R. Harris; 7488 Cardinal Landing Court; $150,000; residential

Michael David Owen Jr. to Justin Brown and Stephanie Brown; 3 Jiminey Court; $150,000


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded May 5-9:

1750 Martin Luther King Blvd.; $696,600; Bob H. Dowdy; erect recycling center

3225 Old River Road; $602,208; Al Caves; erect single-family residence

671 Mobley Road; $335,178; Shannon Annette; erect single-family residence

8041 Deerwood Court; $328,860; Woodruff Contracting Co.; erect single-family residence

1591 Bradley Park Drive; $200,000; PetSmart; alter pet store

1921 S. Lumpkin Road; $68,350; Arthur Chriss; alter retail store

4824 11th Ave.; $40,000; Seagle Sexton; erect storage building

837 Brighton Road; $37,500; Debra Hendricks; alter single-family residence

4776 Timarron Court; $37,000; Steve Davis; construct swimming pool

3021 E. Sandy Parkway; $30,000; Fortson Road Properties; alter business

3438 Melrose Drive; $27,000; J.W. Wyatt; add to single-family residence

3569 S. Lumpkin Road; $25,000; Crown Castle; addition/co-location

1931 Springdale Drive; $20,000; Randy Eiland; add to single-family residence

1531 Mazor Drive; $20,000; Eddie and Mary Neal; add to single-family residence

17 Stuart Drive; $20,000; Bob Edison; alter single-family residence

4342 White Clover Trail; $20,000; William Carter; construct swimming pool

901 Moore Road; $20,000; Angie Lopez; construct swimming pool

1514 Buford Ave.; $17,000; Glen Summerlin; repair building

5226 Thomason Ave.; $15,000; Richard Thomas; alter single-family residence

901 Celia Drive; $14,989; Henry Hicks; repair single-family residence


Selected property transactions of at least $150,000 in Harris County, recorded May 7-14:

Gary A. Scrimpshire to Harris County Board of Education; 2817 Hopewell Church Road, Pine Mountain; $1,131,000; agricultural

R.L. Stahl Inc. to Eugene B. and Sharon R. Townsend; 961 Laurel Ridge Lane, Cataula; $369,900; residential

Kathleen F. Eiland to D. Wayne and Dianne Kilgore Stevens; 3023 Ga. Hwy. 315, Fortson; $360,000; residential

Bobby A. Scott to Jamie C. and Denise Fox; 397 Serenity Way Loop; Cataula; $330,000; residential

Sunbrook Homes LLC to Gregory A. and Staci D. Calhoun; 170 Vorhees Road, Hamilton; $317,500; residential

C&S Custom Homes LLC to James B. and Rachel Messer; 61 Madison Lane, Cataula; $296,000; residential

Leonard V. Salie to John E. Carter III; 315 Troop Drive, Fortson; $275,000; residential

Hamilton Baptist Church Inc. to Franklin C. and Rachel M. Massey; 321 Hill Street, Hamilton; $195,000; E-2 Exempt Special

Ivan Derrick Brazil to John R. Carver Jr.; 490 Jones Road, Cataula; $155,000; residential

Pentecostal Church of God to Schuster Enterprises Inc. 3830 U.S. Hwy. 27, Cataula; $150,000; E-2 Exempt Special


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded May 7-14:

1142 Martin Lake Point; $360,000; Pine Mountain Builders; erect single-family dwelling

64 Edgewater Drive; $324,545; Mordic Construction; erect single-family dwelling

1140 Martin Lake Point; $320,000; Pine Mountain Builders; erect single-family dwelling

15 Mustang Court; $257,335; Woodruff Contracting; erect single-family dwelling

53 Anslee Court; $232,505; Bush Builders; erect single-family dwelling

303 Rocky Springs Drive; $51,090; Billy McCullough Builders; add to single-family dwelling

13254 Ga. Hwy. 18; $30,940; Grady Zachery; add to single-family dwelling

120 Waterfall Way; $21,000; Tri Vision; add to single-family dwelling

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