McClatchy InteractiveJune 16, 2008 

I've been twiddling my thumbs and checking my email for the last half-hour, wondering what I'm going to write about this week. The "Untitled - Notepad" button on the bottom of my screen finally got too accusatory. So now I'm writing about how I have nothing to write about.

Honestly, there's not a lot of mileage to be wrung from, "I weeded and thinned the radishes." And that's really all I've done since last Monday. The garden is in the maintenance phase now that I've planted that last row and it's growing. The tomatoes are getting bigger, but none are reddening yet. Still no real sign of peppers. The basil is thriving; the chives, not so much.

What about the rest of the yard? I've planned on putting plants in a couple of different locations, but there's always been something wrong - one spot doesn't get sun, another doesn't get water, a third has soil of solid clay. It gets kind of de-motivational after awhile. Plus, is it worth beautifying a yard that's just a tangled jungle of weeds anyway? I'm renting; it's not like I'm going to sod, or spend hundreds of dollars on shrubbery. Even the weeds are urine-burned, courtesy of my own 60-pound dog and the other neighborhood canines (of which there are legion).

Next week I'll be out of town and I'll miss my Monday. It's possible I'll come back and find everything dying, but there's a good chance of rain this weekend. I knew as soon as it went away I'd miss it. These plants wilt fast lately, especially the potted ones. It's a good time for a week off, though. Maybe by the time I get back I'll have a fresh perspective and some new ideas for going forward. And if anyone out there has any ideas, I'd be more than happy to hear them.

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