Fourteenth Street Grill growing up, changing

October 9, 2008 

    812 14th ST., 334-298-9247

    Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday

    Atmosphere: Casual

    Beverages: Sodas, tea

    Main dishes: Scrambled dogs; hot dogs; hamburgers; chicken finger basket; chili and cheese; grilled ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich; steak sandwich; chicken sandwich.

    Side items: Chili, fries, pickles, slaw

    Specialty diets: If you're on a diet, your best bet is the chicken sandwich — or, hold the bun on other items.

    Of note: Free Wifi.

    The bottom line: Hot dogs start at $1.60. Scrambled dogs are $4.75. A chicken finger basket is $5. Hamburgers cost $3.50. Steak sandwich is $3.50.

    Crowds and waiting: Arrive on the early side of noon.

The Fourteenth Street Grill has grown up.

Now in its fourth generation, the Phenix City restaurant has had several location changes but the menu has largely stayed the same.

Hamburgers and hot dogs. Scrambled dogs, a regional speciality. Grilled cheese. Fries. Chili. Slaw.

If you like a casual, homey atmosphere and don't have much to spend on lunch, this might be your place.

The grill got its start in the 1940s as part of Moore's Grocery.

In 1970, Jerry Horne and Martha Gothard bought it and about 10 years ago moved the grill to its current location.

The restaurant is such an institution, people who have lived in the area previously and now live elsewhere get menu items shipped on dry ice.

Some as far away as Germany.

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