East Alabama Congressman now on Twitter

East Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers now on Twitter

April 27, 2009 

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Mike Rogers joined the social media site Twitter recently, saying he hoped Third District constituents will find it to be another helpful avenue to stay in touch with their Congressman when he’s back in Washington, D.C. or traveling East Alabama.

If you have an account with Twitter and want to follow Rogers, go to https://twitter.com/RepMikeRogersAL. Otherwise, you can sign up for an account at http://twitter.com/ and find him under the search tab.

“With more information available on the internet these days, this is provides an additional way I can be available to folks back home and keep them up to date on who I am meeting with or what I am voting on,” Rogers said.

“In a time when this new social media is all the rage, this gives me a forum to reach out to younger generations and tech-savvy folks alike,” Rogers added.

Rogers also encouraged folks interested in issues that Congress is currently debating to sign up for his free E-Newsletter service. Constituents can view recent E-Newsletters by clicking on E-Newsletters under Report from Washington on his website at www.house.gov/mike-rogers.

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