Wow, That’s a lot of concrete

June 14, 2009 

It can be hard to wrap your mind around the huge amounts of concrete, rebar and structural steel used to build the National Infantry Museum. Here are some ways to put it in perspective:

How much is 9,500 cubic yards of concrete? It’s enough to fill 1056 concrete trucks (and create a 5-mile backup of concrete trucks in traffic).

How heavy is 1,600 tons of structural steel? It’s as heavy as four Boeing 747’s.

How heavy is 400 tons of rebar? It’s the same weight as about 10 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

How far does 150,000 feet of conduit reach? It reaches the distance of 510 football fields, or 29 miles.

How far does 1,500,000 feet of wire and cable reach? It reaches the distance from the Infantry Museum to Savannah, Ga., or 284 miles.

How far do 400,000 bricks in a line reach? Lined up end to end, they reach the length of 1,550 Olympic swimming pools, or 254,166 feet.

How high do 100,000 concrete blocks in a stack reach? Stacked end to end, they would reach the Earth’s stratosphere, or 25.25 miles.

Source: Batson-Cook Construction

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