Columbus native Tim Wilson's book theorizes Ted Bundy committed one of the Stocking Stranglings

sokamoto@ledger-enquirer.comJune 24, 2009 

Columbus native Tim Wilson, best known as a comedian, has written a book, "Happy New Year, - ted: Theodore Bundy and the Columbus Stocking Stranglings," with writer Roger C. Keiss. Wilson is a graduate of Brookstone School and Presbyterian College.

The book theorizes that Bundy, a notorious serial killer, killed one of the Stocking Stranglings in 1978, after escaping from the Glenwood Springs, Colo., jail. It also theorizes that Bundy, rather than William Hance, killed two prostitutes in Columbus.

"When Roger and I, almost accidentally, looked at some bite evidence from the case, we were astonished to find that our investigation into 'The Columbus Stocking Strangler Case,' would turn into a two-year investigative journey that will dramatically alter American criminal history," Wilson writes. "We have done the homework, several times over. We have no outside agendas. We look forward to being questioned about the facts in our work. We feel positive that we have successfully added four names to the list of victims of the most dangerous serial killers of the 20th century. We also believe we have also uncovered the evidence necessary to point to another man's wrongful death. And that is enough."

The book, published by Tracking Hound Press, is available online at It costs $29.95.

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