Congressmen Rogers, Bachus announce $1.5 million in House bill for defense work at Auburn University

July 31, 2009 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Alabama Third District Congressman Mike Rogers and Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-06) announced that Auburn University will receive $1.5 million for defense research work under the House version of the FY10 Defense Appropriations bill.

The university will use the funds for its logistical fuel processor program, which examines the use of fuel cells as a power source for military equipment. The sophisticated communications, electronics, and related equipment now being used in combat situations depend on reliable power supplies. The program’s goal is to help the army take commonly available diesel or jet fuels and use them in fuel cell systems that are smaller, lighter, less costly, and more energy-efficient than traditional combustion engines.

Congressman Rogers said, “Auburn is an institution on the cutting edge in fuel cell research for the military which could eventually translate to greater energy-efficiency for civilian use. While we still have several steps to go in the legislative process, Congressman Bachus and I will work to ensure this important funding continues to receive strong support in Congress.”

Congressman Bachus said, “This technology, although developed for the military, could have widespread civilian application. Domestically, such technology could ultimately lead to cleaner-burning, fuel efficient automobiles and trucks while at the same time reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

The Director of Public Communications for Auburn University, Brian Keeter, said, “Innovations in fuel technology enhance the capabilities of the U.S. Army, and we appreciate the support Congressman Bachus and Rogers provide to one of Auburn University’s top research programs.”

The defense measure was passed by the House yesterday. Appropriations bills need the approval of the House and Senate and the President’s signature before becoming law.

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