Disregard of public judgment

August 27, 2009 

Congressman Sanford Bishop started his comments at the Columbus town hall meeting Wednesday morning by quoting Edmund Burke: “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment.”

Only to a limited degree was it a representatives job to protect the interests of his constituents; the more important role was to play a part in “a deliberative assembly of one nation with one interest, that of the whole.”

Mr. Burke was a prolific writer and avid politician, but I certainly do not agree with everything he said. I certainly do not agree with this statement! Mr. Burke believed that the people should be ruled by the aristocratic class. What happens if our representative’s judgment is awry? Let me cite, as examples, support of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the TARP, the stimulus program, bank bailouts, cap and trade, AIG, auto bailouts and many other progressive programs.

Mr. Bishop stated several times during the meeting that he would vote using his judgment as to what is best for the 2nd Congressional District, not the wishes on the constituents. So all of us who have a differing opinion have no knowledge, compassion, education, understanding or judgment.

Incidentally, the media coverage of the town hall meeting was largely not reflective of the overall meeting itself and of Mr. Bishop’s statements.

John Daniel Sr., Buena Vista

Power grab

It appears that what the Democrats can’t do legally to pass their massive unconstitutional healthcare legislation, they will try to do “illegally” through the process of reconciliation, where they only need 51 Senate votes for passage. This is an outrage and the American people will not be fooled!

This is proof that the politicians are only interested in grabbing more power for themselves and are not interested in serving the people who elected them. We the people will continue to wage war to take back our country from those who want to destroy it with a socialist agenda. We will do everything in our power and will not be stopped by mocking, intimidation, bullying or any other means. So to those who are facing re-election in 2010 I have a message: We will not be silenced and we are ready to vote you out of office.

Mary Jane Casablanca, Columbus


Pete Rose’s ban from baseball was justified and deserved. He believed that he was bigger than the game; the rules didn’t apply to him. More bans should handed out today in all sports to these arrogant, rich thugs and killers who get a slap on the wrist for much worse.

Rose was at the end of his game and the ban didn’t cost the team or the league big bucks. There lies the rub: If he had been still breaking records and selling out the stadiums and had not become an embarrassment to the team and the league, he might be there today.

It’s all about money. If athletes such as Mike Vick and other convicts, criminals and juiced-up players don’t add to the gate, turn on the TV or make the news, they will also disappear. It is up to the fans to stop supporting these prima donnas and let them be judged by their actions, not by their touchdowns, rebounds or RBIs.

Chili White, Columbus

Voter remorse

I’ve had to bite my tongue for too many months now waiting to sound off about the guy I voted for last November, President Obama. If there is any distinction between George W. Bush and Barack Obama, it’s minimal, and I have to say that Obama is at best a neo-Bush who’s just a bit better at reading a teleprompter.

During his presidential campaign rhetoric, Obama was always light on political issue specifics, which led to an erroneous conclusion that he had sound judgment. Once sworn in as President Number 44, he’s acted as if each of his initiatives was backed by popular mandates calling for irrationally exuberant, free-for-all spending programs financed by fiscal air balloons.

Instead of ending the war in Iraq in six months and bringing our troops home, Obama made a stupid decision to fight his new war in Afghanistan with no clearly defined military objective. In spite of all his military adviser’s double talk, Afghanistan is nothing more than another feeble attempt at nation building to prop up a U.S., Bush-installed, puppet government in Kabul.

In the fiscal affairs of our now bankrupt federal government, Obama is a Bush clone who thinks that printing inflation dollars like Germany did in the 1920s to buy his way out of a depression will save the economic day. Our national tragedy today is that Congress in both houses is overloaded with like-minded airheads. Fiscal responsibility can never be based on red-ink cash for clunker programs.

Next year is the time to vote the congressional bums out and let Obama know that his first term will be his last!

Joseph A. Blair, Columbus

Don’t miss it

I’m writing to everyone about the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Fort Benning. A friend, SFC James (Bud) Shiver, took us on a tour one Saturday morning. We arrived at 9 a.m. and went in. With him telling us what we were seeing, it was great. Bud really made it feel alive to us.

First, we went on the Last 100 Yards Ramp: soldiers along the way and wars reenacted through recordings. Then the Gallery level was next, and then the mezzanine level. So many things about Columbus and Phenix City were there. We were there until 11, and then down the Heritage Walk outside to the back of the building and then in the World War II Village, which are seven buildings furnished with period pieces and including audio recordings on life on an Army post during the 1940s.

It was a wonderful tour and it greatly impressed me so much that I had to write and thank Bud for taking our group there. Please go … you’ll enjoy it.

Delores Creel, Columbus

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