Flooding in West Point forces relocation of city hall

amccallum@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 25, 2009 

The City of West Point has cut off power to city hall and temporarily moved its operations to the city’s technology center.

David Barr, West Point Lake supervisory ranger, said the city proactively took that measure because of rising water in the city.

“Water comes up there and they have to move somewhere else. Water is in the parking lot, but not in the building itself,” Barr said, adding there has been some flooding in downtown West Point.

Barr said about 20 homes in the area have water underneath them in basements or crawl spaces. Other homes, he said, have deep water in the yard close to houses. He estimated only two homes actually have water inside.

The flooding is a result of water that has moved downstream from Atlanta. Storms pounded the state’s capital on Monday resulting in loss of life, property damage and school closings.

As a result of the excess water and predicted rains this evening, Barr said the West Point Dam is releasing 55,000 cubic feet per second. Barr said water will continue to be released throughout the weekend. Because the area’s storm drains have also started to fill with water, the water being released could be cut back to 50,000 cubic feet per second to avoid any more additional flooding in West Point.

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