FAITH ALIVE: George Coar, Phenix City resident

January 2, 2010 

Who’s in your family? My wife is Robin. I have five children: Jackie, Constance, Bobby, Don and Christie.

Any grandchildren? I’ve got five.

What’d you do for Christmas? We went to my sister’s house in Opelika for dinner.

What was your career? Before I got in the ministry, I had a band: Sonny B and the Twilighters. We had it about five years, until disco. Some friends locally were in it with me. I was the singer. Then I went to culinary school in Oklahoma, in the ’80s. I worked at a country club in Abilene, Texas, and I retired from Fort Benning.

Do you ever miss the band days? It was good but it’d be entirely different now.

You’re retired from the ministry? Yes. I left the Church of Christ about four or five years ago. All churches are corrupted. There are women preachers and homosexuals and lesbians as church leaders, which is wrong. The Church of Christ to me was closest to the Word of God. I was ordained in the ’80s at Shiloh Baptist. I was an associate at Shiloh and then moved to the Church of Christ.

Why else do you think churches are corrupt? Another false doctrine people teach is that salvation comes from baptism. It doesn’t. Preachers go around saying they can save anyone but they can’t. Another thing is the money. Jesus wasn’t rich; he rode a donkey. This is that prosperity teaching which I don’t dig at all. Some preachers make $100,000 a year or more and sell books and tapes and make millions more. For these preachers, all they care about is your checkbook. ... If you tithe $100 a month and you have a choice between that and your $100 electric bill, are you going to sit in the dark? It’s common sense.

You’re not a member of a church? I’m done. People don’t want to hear the truth. I couldn’t stand it; there was too much corruption. You see a church on every corner but they’re lying when it comes to the Word of God. ... My favorite speaker used to be Jimmy Swaggart but then I found out he had this huge ranch. It’s sickening. ... Also, how can anybody in the churches be saved when all churches are divided? We’re supposed to be of one accord, but we’ve got white churches and black churches and Korean churches. We’re supposed to be unified.

When you pray, what do you pray for? For peace, love and happiness; for my kids; for people in nursing homes and hospitals.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? One thing I want to do is quit smoking. It’s hard to do.

Where were you born and raised? In Auburn.

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