Trio on BCS road trip arrives to find tickets promised

chwilliams@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 6, 2010 

— They made it.

And they may have found tickets, knock on wood.

Roy Dixon Jr., Shawn Taylor and Jimmy Messick, three rabid Alabama fans on a road trip to Thursday’s national championship game, arrived in Anaheim about 3:30 PST Tuesday afternoon, 51 hours after leaving Phenix City.

And on their first night in California, where did they eat?

Bubbagump Shrimp Co., where else?

The journey was 2,265 miles in 33 hours of driving time.

They arrived in Southern California ready to go.

“We may hit a wall,” Dixon said. “But we are fully charged right now.”

Now they have to wait and see if a promise of tickets to the BCS championship game between Alabama and Texas comes through. They told their road-trip story to thousands of Alabama radio listeners on the drive in Tuesday.

Paul Finebaum, who has the most popular sports radio talk show in Alabama, was told about the road trip Tuesday morning.

Finebaum put them on the show, which can be heard in Columbus on WRCG-AM 1580. A Finebaum listener in Birmingham said he might have three tickets for road trippers.

“We don’t have the tickets in hand, but we have been told we have them,” Dixon said.

Finebaum talked to Dixon for several minutes, putting out the fact that they needed tickets.

The reason Finebaum was interested in the reason everybody else is. These guys are driving more than 2,300 miles one way, without tickets.

“I am interested in their story,” said Finebaum, who is broadcasting from Newport Beach. “These are the guys who make college football in the South what it is.”

Alabama wide receiver Earl Alexander, who like Dixon, Messick and Taylor, is from Phenix City, just shook his head Thursday morning when he heard the story.

“They are driving out here without tickets?” he said, with a ‘You’re lying’ look of incredulity. “That shows the heart Alabama people have. They just feel like they have to be here.”

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