Top Super Bowl commercials 2010: What was the best? Dockers free pants? Google ad? Tim Tebow?

ariquelmy@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 7, 2010 

The Super Bowl may be the one time of the year when people actually want to see the commercials. How did this year’s crop stack up? Take a look at some of the ads shown during this year’s game.

The big talker before the game seemed to be Tim Tebow’s anti-abortion ad starring his mother, Pam Tebow. The result: a nice 30-second spot in which a mother speaks of her love for a son who almost didn’t make it into this world. Focus on the Family, founded by James Dobson, was the group behind the ad. All in all, it didn’t live up to the hype.

What did impress was the Google ad, which was smart, got the message across fast and tugged at the heart strings. The whole spot was from the point of view of someone using the search engine, starting out with someone researching Paris, then how to impress a French women, then shops and churches in Paris, flights to the City of Lights and finally how to assemble a crib.

While the Google ad was romantic, the Motorola commercial focused on the puerile: Megan Fox sitting in a bubble bath taking a photo of herself and then theorizing what would occur if she sent it out. What followed was a series of vignettes in which a gay couple alternatively slap each other, a man falls to the ground while high on a ladder, etc. Does sex still sell? Motorola thinks so.

Physical humor was evident in the “Punch Dub” ad by Volkswagen. Who hasn’t played punch bug at some point in their lives? The problem is, though, that the older bugs aren’t nearly as prevalent on the roads anymore. This commercial takes care of that, featuring punches as newer models drive by. Look for Stevie Wonder and his preternatural sense of when to hit the person next to him.

You like physical humor? What about men singing in an open field about wearing no pants? And they’re actually not wearing any pants. That’s what Dockers gave us this Super Bowl season, though there is a nice catch - you just might get some free pants, if you register and enter for a chance to win.

What would any Super Bowl commercial be if there wasn’t a goth element? Bridgestone Tires brought us the rain, the sleek car, the beautiful woman clad in cyberpunk fashion and a cabal of enemies who really, really want the driver’s tires. Look for the short guy with the double, well, gun-type things in his hands. It’s called clunktech, and it works.

Here are a few honorable mentions:

- Lance Armstrong hawking Michelob Ultra? How does he stay on the bicycle drinking that stuff?

- Prince of Persia. Never played the game, but now I must watch the movie.

- Dennys puts chickens on alert. Silly with bad effects, and it’s still worth watching again.

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