May is National Barbecue Month

May 3, 2010 

While many in the Valley area never put their grills away for the winter, this month is when most of us do take our grills out of storage.

In fact, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, six-out-of-ten Americans say they can’t wait to fire up the grill and kick off the peak outdoor cooking season.

Almost 90 percent say they plan to enjoy grilled food in their own backyard during the warmer months.

Leslie Wheeler of HPBA said there is an increase in grilling all year, though it's still mostly a summer activity.

A nation-wide poll shows differences in America's tastes:

Just 21 percent grill food without a sauce, marinade or seasoning, while 65 percent uses at least one of the above.

More men than women use spice on grilled meats. The hotter the better.

More people use ketchup (66 percent) rather than mustard (62 percent).

And 66 percent add cheese to their burgers.

Almost 75 percent of Americans do add lettuce, onion and tomato. And women add the veggies more than men (80 percent vs. 68 percent).

And 70 percent say they like the traditional bun for their burgers and hot dogs.

People polled said grilled food tastes better, is easier to clean up, healthier and takes less time to cook.

For HPBA's recipe, full poll results and tips to prepare the grill for the season, check out the website.

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