Run Joey Run, performed on Glee, was a top 5 single in 1975

May 4, 2010 

The song, "Run Joey Run," performed Tuesday night on "Glee," was a U.S. Top 5 single for David Geddes in 1975.

The song peaked at No.4. Geddes had a follow-up hit with "The Last Game of the Season (A blind man in the bleachers)" which hit No. 18.

Under his real name, David Cole Idema, Geddes was the drummer/vocalist for the cult band The Fredric (also known as Rock Garden) and released several records in the early 1970s. He previously attended the University of Michigan.

According to Casey Kasem's "American Top 40", David had recorded several singles for major record labels but nothing had been a hit. He decided to leave the music business and return to school. David was attending law school at Wayne State University in Detroit when he was called by producer Paul Vance to record a song that Vance had written. Vance remembered David's voice from his earlier records and thought he would be perfect for Vance's new song. David flew to New York City to record the vocals for the song, and then returned to Detroit to begin his third year of law school. Several months later, the song, "Run Joey Run", began to race up the Billboard Hot 100. David dropped out of law school with one semester to go to re-enter the music business.[1]

Geddes got his stage name from a street in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Geddes also had a single released under his real name which saw significant airplay: "House on Holly Road".

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