Learn the ABC's of The Hills on MTV

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 12, 2010 

"The Hills" concludes its six-season run with a series finale that airs 10 p.m. Tuesday on MTV. To celebrate, we've listed the ABC's of the popular reality series.

"A" is for Audrina Patridge. It's hard to believe Audrina is the last member of the show's original cast still appearing on "The Hills." Let's hope she doesn't choose a future with Justin Bobby during the finale.

"B" is for Brody Jenner. Is he really a catch? Jenner has remained a constant in the show's romantic triangles, but he's currently romantically linked to Avril Lavigne.

"C" is for crystals. Spencer Pratt developed an affinity for the healing power of crystals late in the series' run. We're still waiting for a transformation.

"D" is for Darlene Egelhoff. You can also call her Heidi Montag's mom. The stunned expression she offered after seeing Heidi's plastic surgeries will remain a memorable "Hills" moment.

"E" is for Enzo. We can't help wondering why Heidi and Spencer befriended this child in season five, or why the "Hills" crew attended his birthday party.

"F" is for Frankie Delgado. Is it just me, or does Frankie seem to have a birthday party five times a year? He's friends with Brody and functions mainly as a way to get the crew to Vegas.

"G" is for Gaga. Her edgy vibe seems distant from the conformism that often characterizes Los Angeles, but Lady Gaga appeared on "The Hills" before reaching full-fledged fame. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port styled her for a fashion job.

"H" is for Heidi Montag. Pick your version: the perky, fresh-faced Heidi first introduced on "The Hills," or the current Heidi defined by her plastic surgeries.

"I" is for "I'm done with you." It seems like one of the most repeated phrases in "Hills" history, yet somehow cast members never really are done with each other.

"J" is for Jordan Eubanks. Believe it or not, Heidi had a boyfriend on "The Hills" other than Spencer. She dated Jordan during the first season, but broke things off.

"K" is for Kristin Cavallari. She joined the show after Lauren Conrad left. Her initial showmance with Justin Bobby left much to be desired. Sorry, K-Cav, things just aren't the same without LC.

"L" is for Lauren Conrad. She's the original face of "The Hills" and still a fan favorite. She'll appear on the after-show that follows the series finale.

"M" is for motorcycle. It's the vehicle of choice for Justin Bobby, Audrina's on-again, off-again love interest. Given Justin's gnarly facial hair and burping skills, who wouldn't want a spot on the passenger seat?

"N" is for New York. It's one of the few non-Los Angeles settings shown on "The Hills," and the center of the show's spinoff, "The City."

"O" is for over-sized sunglasses. Massive shades are a fashion staple on "The Hills."

"P" is for Paris. Listen up, girls: If you foolishly give up a trip to Paris to be with a boy, simply wait another season or two and you'll get the opportunity again. Please refer additional questions to Lauren Conrad.

"Q" is for quizzical stares. It wouldn't be "The Hills" without blank, distant stares set against the melodic backdrop of your favorite Rihanna song.

"R" is for restaurants. Another classic element of any "Hills" episode? A trip to a Los Angeles restaurant for a heart-to-heart chat, when nobody orders anything and nothing is resolved.

"S" is for Spencer Pratt. Calling him pure evil might be an exaggeration. Or maybe not.

"T" is for Teen Vogue. It's Lauren's first featured workplace on "The Hills," and it's also where she first meets Whitney Port.

"U" is for unexplained absence. Midway through the series' final season, Spencer and Heidi disappeared. It was reportedly due to Spencer's anger management problems, but cast members didn't say a single word on screen about the pair's vanishing act.

"V" is for Vegas. These plot lines are getting a little tired, have any ideas? Hey, how about a spontaneous trip to Vegas? It seems like a standard go-to option for "Hills" producers.

"W" is for wedding. Who can forget Spencer and Heidi's real wedding -- as in, not the time they eloped in Mexico? It marked Lauren Conrad's final appearance on the series.

"X" is for x-rated. The adjective describes a rumored tape made by Lauren Conrad and ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler. Lauren thinks Spencer started the rumor about the tape.

"Y" is for "You know what you did!" Lauren yells this sentiment at Heidi during a party confrontation about the aforementioned rumor.

"Z" is for zombies. Stacie the Bartender as a major character? A pending separation/massive publicity stunt between Spencer and Heidi? The only explanation is that otherworldly creatures have overtaken this show.

I'm done.

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