The Hills finale Season 6 Episode 12: Will The Hills' fake legacy outlast Brody and Avril?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 13, 2010 

"The Hills" ended its six-season run with a 30-minute finale Tuesday night on MTV. In the final episode, Kristin decided to move to Europe, Lo moved in with her boyfriend and Stephanie started a new romantic relationship.

The most-talked about part of the show will likely be its final moments, when viewers saw a camera crew and backdrop. Wait, the whole thing was scripted? You have to be kidding!

Shortly after the finale, MTV aired a live after-show filmed at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. There was no announcement about a spinoff. Original "Hills" star Lauren Conrad was present, but Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag didn't appear. When asked about the pair's rumored separation, Montag's sister Holly said she couldn't shed any light on the rumors.

Here's a full recap of Tuesday's show:


The show kicks off with Kristin, Lo, Stephanie and Audrina chatting "Sex and the City" style. The general consensus is that all their lives are changing. Conveniently, the conversation occurs just in time for the series finale.

The crew talks about a "mid-20 life crisis." When asked about her future with boyfriend Scott, Lo says, "I want little babies." It's probably best to keep that goal private, ladies.

Kristin utters a signature "Hills" line while describing her relationship with Brody: "That's done."

With that, we get the opening credits and the episode's title: "All Good Things..."

While on the golf course, Brody tells his friends about the Kristin ordeal. You know, when Brody told Kristin he was seeing somebody else, aka: Avril Lavigne.

Brody wouldn't be surprised if Kristin had a voodoo doll modeled after him. When the guys ask if Brody and Kristin are still friends, he responds, "Why wouldn't we be friends?"

Um, because "The Hills" is over and you're no longer contractually obligated to talk to each other?

En route to shopping, Stephanie and Lo compare relationship news. Stephanie is smitten with new guy Josh and he invited her to watch him on the bike track. Lo is just as smitten with her boyfriend Scott. She might even break her "no cohabitation before engagement" rule.

Then, we see Stacie the Bartender chatting with Kristin, who wants to figure out where her life is going. That's why she's decided to move to Europe, where she only knows one person.

(I smell a spinoff coming. Say it ain't so!)

On the bike track, Stephanie describes new fling Josh as the cuddliest person she knows. Stephanie and Josh have an awkward conversation about not wanting to not see other people and the conversation ends with them becoming an item.

Kristin, meanwhile, comes to Brody's condo and invites him to her going-away party. The conversation does not go well. Brody is convinced Kristin is moving because of their failed romance. He has a point.

Quick shot of Audrina, who has moved out of Hollywood and isn't attending Kristin's going-away party because she's ready to grow up.

Fortunately, the rest of the gang hasn't reached Audrina's level of wisdom. At Kristin's party, there's plenty of drinking and bold declarations of "I love you guys!"

And just when we've lost faith in Brody's integrity, he shows up at the going-away party. Kristin approaches him, and a potentially crazy confrontation turns into an emotional goodbye. "Don't leave," Brody says.

Good news, maybe. Lo has decided to move in with her boyfriend Scott. While she's packing up her stuff, he says she's perfect.

While Lo says hello to cohabitation, Kristin says goodbye to Los Angeles. Her driver has arrived and she's off to Europe. But wait, Brody's back. He says, "I don't want you leaving." He adds that if he would have known she'd move away if he started a new relationship, he maybe wouldn't have done it.

Kristin says she still needs to go. "I hope you find what you're looking for," Brody says. Spinoff! Spinoff! Spinoff!

During the episode's final moments, an acoustic version of "Unwritten" plays while cast members offer their signature distant stares. Kristin rides off in a car while Brody says goodbye.

When the show wraps up, we move out of reality TV world and into reality. We see the the camera crew and a backdrop behind Brody. was scripted the entire time? Huh?

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