The Bachelor Pad: Weatherman, swimsuit model eliminated

dminty@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 23, 2010 

Last week's challenge winners — the weatherman, Jonathan Novack, and the swimsuit model, Gia Allemand — were sent home from "The Bachelor Pad" on the third episode, which aired Monday night.

Jonathan Novack, a 31-year-old from Houston, was most recently on Season 6 of "The Bachelorette" with Ali Fedotowsky. "I came here looking for money, and maybe some love, and I went home with neither one," he said when he was eliminated from "The Bachelor Pad."

Gia Allemand, a 26-year-old swimsuit model from New York, who appeared on Season 14 of "The Bachelor" with Jake Pavelka, was sad to leave one person in particular. "I didn't have any idea that I'd get so close to some of the people that I have... If I didn't go home tonight I would have told Wes how I felt... I'm an emotional wreck right now," she said.

Contestants on ABC's newest reality show are ultimately competing for $250,000. Each week players compete for immunity from elimination by attempting to win a new challenge.

Here's a recap of the latest episode:

A kissing contest kicked off the third week of "The Bachelor Pad." First, the nine female contenders were blindfolded. The six male contestants approached each blindfolded woman and kissed her, often passionately. Then the roles were reversed. Each person voted for the "best kisser." The winners received a rose and were declared safe from the elimination rose ceremony.

Ashely, a high school teacher, took herself out of the kissing contest because she didn't want to lose the respect of her students. Gia Allemand, who has a boyfriend, accepted kisses from the men but when it was her turn to kiss the guys, she dropped out of the competition. "I didn't think everyone was going to turn into porn stars," she said after watching good-girl Tenley Molzhan and, um, not-so-good-girl Natalie Getz kiss the guys.

Single Natalie had no problem with the challenge. "I would make out with everyone in the house for like 20 bucks," she said.

Most of the guys were more than happy to participate in the challenge, but Wes Hayden was a bit reluctant. "I'm kind of a germaphobe...when I kissed number one (Tenley) I was thinking that the kiss was very sloppy. The number two (Natalie) kiss was very, very, just violent. The number seven kiss (Peyton Wright) was nice... Going in for the kill, for the attack, doesn't turn me on whatsoever, unless I'm absolutely hammered," Wes said.

David Good and Peyton Wright won roses and immunity for being voted the best kissers. Peyton's kissing philosophy? A self-proclaimed nonaggressive style. David and Peyton each chose three people to take on a date.

David chose to spend his Las Vegas date with Nikki Kappke, Natalie and Krisily Kennedy. First, they swam in a private tops-optional pool. Natalie was the only one who opted out of her top. After the pool, everyone dressed for dinner. As soon as they arrived at the villa, though, David was forced to chose who would continue on the date. He picked Natalie. After dinner, they were given a choice of having individual rooms or exploring the fantasy suite together. They chose the fantasy suite.

Peyton chose Jesse Kovacs, Kiptyn Locke and Jesse Beck for her date. Tenley, who has a friendship with Kiptyn, and Elizabeth, who has a relationship with Jesse K., were upset that Peyton chose "their" guys. Tenley attempted to snuggle with Kiptyn before his date. She surprised him by laying next to him in his bed when he was taking a nap. He didn't want to cuddle. A rejected Tenley left. "I put myself out there in a romantic way... and I feel like this is a bit of a rejection," Tenley said. She told Natalie she was "terribly embarrassed."

After racing cars, Peyton chose to continue the date with unattached Jesse B. They also accepted the fantasy suite invitation. Jesse K. was mad that he wasn't chosen. "Elizabeth has ruined everything for me," he said.

Back at the house, Wes sang for Gia and told her that he had feelings for her. "I'm yours," he said. Gia said she was confused because she had "her honey at home" but she found Wes to be an "amazing" person. "He's like the modern day Shakespeare but better and cuter," Gia said.

Realizing she could be on the chopping block, Gia attempted to convince Kiptyn that she was "just the messenger" on last week's episode when Kiptyn was nearly voted off the show. He didn't seem convinced and it's unlikely that viewers who saw last week's episode were either. Gia's role could be called "leadership" but certainly not "messenger."

Wes encouraged the men to vote Elizabeth off and keep Gia around. He told Jesse K. that he would be gone in three days if he voted for Gia. He attempted to get David to vote Elizabeth off the show, but David was firm in his belief that Gia should go.

After the votes were cast, Gia and Elizabeth were tied for elimination. David, being the most recent challenge winner, was charged with choosing who to send home. He chose Gia.


Wes Hayden: 33, the musician from Texas is best known for having a girlfriend back home while dating Jillian Harris on Season Five. He is often called the worst (best?) villain in Bachelor history.

David Good: 28, an entrepreneur in Ohio who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris. He got drunk on one episode and was a bit crass when pointing out that Jillian was unknowingly flashing him.

Jesse Beck: 25, a contractor in Missouri who was on Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky.

Jesse Kovacs: 28, a winemaker from L.A., who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris.

Kiptyn Locke: 32, a sales manager in California who was on Season 5 with Jillian Harris.


Tenley Molzhan: 26, college admissions worker in California, who was best known for her "Disney-like" voice in Season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Nikki Kappke: 30, administrative assistant in Chicago who was on Season 13 with Jason Mesnick.

Gwen Gioia: age undisclosed (hey, she was on the 2003 Season Two with Aaron Buerge). She's a project manager in Philadelphia.

Peyton Wright: 27, cheerleader apparel saleswoman in Dallas, who was on Season 10 with Andy Baldwin.

Krisily Kennedy: 30, personal assistant in L.A., who was the runner-up in Season 7 with Charlie O'Connell.

Natalie Getz: 28, bartender in Hollywood, who was on Season 13 with Jason Mesnick.

Ashley Elmore: 30, teacher in Virgina, who was on season 14 with Jake Pavelka.

Elizabeth Kitt: 30, saleswoman in L.A., who was on refused to kiss Jake Pavelka on Season 14, despite taunting him in each episode.


Craig McKinnon: 34, the dental salesman in Canada, who is best known for his hair and being an enemy of "The Weatherman" during Season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky. The Weatherman once called Craig "dangerous." Craig was upset with Gia for lying about giving him the rose on their date. "I feel awful about Craig," Gia said.

Jessie Sulidis: 25, makeup artist in Canada, who appeared on Season 14 with Jake Pavelka. "I can't believe this is over. My whole plan backfired... I don't even know where me and Dave stand... I hope that I found love in the house," she said. David said "We had a good connection... I tried to change my vote at the end but it wasn't enough."

The "outside" girls were stunned that Kiptyn wasn't sent home. "I'm predicting the worst... I'm pretty much not trustworthy to the girls," Nikki said about changing her vote.


Juan Barbieri said if he could walk away from the show with $250,000 or the love of his life, he'd "take the money and run." Occupation: contractor Age: 37 Home: Los Angeles Season: 5 with Jillian Final words: "I'm shocked... I guess she (Nikki) gets the last laugh," Juan said. "It will be less stressful," Nikki said.

Michelle Kujawa Occupation: Sales Age: 26 Home: California Season: 14 with Jake Final words: Michelle was angry with Tenley." I don't deserve to be treated this way," Michelle said. The guys disagreed. "There just weren't enough roses for all of Michelle's personalities. Besides, it's hard to put a rose on a straight jacket," The Weatherman said.

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