Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 8: Vinny is ditched, Pauly D is smitten, Uncle Nino is awesome

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 12, 2010 

Vinny thought he found the woman of his dreams when "Jersey Shore" aired Sunday night on MTV. Unfortunately, she ditched him on date night -- and left Vinny with an abandoned bouquet of flowers.

In other highlights, Angelina maintained her romantic relationship with Jose, despite revealing her physical entanglement with Vinny. Pauly D met a woman and envisioned introducing her to his family. As an added bonus, she actually showed up for their date.

Here's a full recap of Sunday's show:


The show kicks off after the Angelina/Vinny hookup. The general sentiment in the house is best expressed as "eww."

What's more, the guys think Angelina demonstrated a longtime dating dilemma: Treat a girl well and she'll ignore you, treat a girl poorly and she'll go crazy for you.

Remember, prior to their physical entanglement, Angelina hated Vinny. She seemed a little more fond of Jose, the guy showering her with gifts. However, their relationship didn't get physical. Angelina and Vinny? Yeah, that's a different story.

In other Vinny news, his family is visiting. We see Vinny's mom as well as his cousins and Uncle Nino.

As usual, Vinny's mom brings all sorts of food, not to mention T-shirts. In her early moments at the house, Vinny's mom has the pleasure of meeting Angelina's man Jose.

That's right: Angelina doesn't mention the Vinny hookup to Jose and he's hanging out with the "Jersey Shore" crew as usual. To add insult to injury, it's his birthday.

Uncle Nino bonds with the kids quickly. He's apparently an "OG," Original Guido. Earning that title seemingly requires an orange tan and permanently slurred speech.

Vinny's mom makes a multi-course meal for the gang. Everybody's in a good mood after eating. Maybe that's what explains the girls' decision to hit the hot tub with Uncle Nino.

All is well until Angelina hits Snooki with an inflatable beach volleyball. Snooki is angry, but holds back -- you know, because Vinny's family is around.

Vinny says goodbye to his family and the kids prepare for another night on the town. But first, Angelina makes a special phone call to Jose. Instead of detailing the whole Vinny incident, she opts for a simple, "I can't go out with you tonight." Good enough.

At the club, Pauly D meets a girl while Angelina meets a hot Cuban guy, Alex. The Situation intercepts and flirts with a girl initially attracted to Vinny.

Angelina hangs out with Alex at the house and Snooki complains to us about how poorly she's treating Jose.

Pauly D and The Situation flirt with their new female friends at home...until the women remember they have boyfriends. They leave, prompting the guys to call their long list of female acquaintances and look for cuddle buddies around 6 a.m.

Pauly D has some luck and tells the woman to bring a friend for The Situation. Pauly D's friend shows up, but doesn't bring a friend for The Situation. Why? Apparently, all her friends are grenades. The Situation isn't thrilled, but he feels a little better after eating an egg sandwich.

Angelina begs The Situation not to tell Jose about the Vinny incident. Angelina and Jose hit the club together and are affectionate on the dance floor. The Situation approaches Jose and says Angelina needs to tell him something.

It forces her to break the news to Jose: "I hooked up with Vinny."

His response? "I didn't wanna know that." Angelina tells us she still believes that she can do whatever she wants, since Jose isn't her boyfriend.

And luckily for Angelina, Jose interprets "hooked up" as "kissed." Which might be a bit of an understatement, but whatever.

Meanwhile, Vinny once again meets somebody he calls the most beautiful girl in the world. Haven't we already heard that? However, he gets her number and tells us he imagines introducing her to his family.

Fortunately, Pauly D also meets a girl he wants to introduce to his family. They decide to wine and dine the girls -- you know, "wife stuff." They call their dates two of the rarest roses in Miami. They even buy flowers for the big night.

The bad news? Vinny's date bails before the date. Aww. "It's like I got kicked in the stomach," Vinny says.

While Vinny mopes, the rest of the gang prepares to go out. Vinny calls his date back and begs her to go out with him. She eventually agrees and Vinny is ecstatic.

Pauly's girl arrives, but Vinny's date is late. Pauly and his date hit the restaurant and the chemistry seems strong.

Back at home, a lonely Vinny calls his girl...and gets voice mail. Vinny realizes she's not coming and is once again depressed. He refuses to go out with the rest of the crowd.

The show ends with a shot of the bouquet of flowers Vinny bought for the girl of his dreams. In an hour, I've gone from "eww" to "aww."

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