Sound Off for Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 

Pick of the day

Keep in mind to a dog, you are family. To a cat, you are staff.

Because they’re not?

Why does Christmas have to bring out the beast in everyone. Why can’t people just be nice?

It’s the American way

I can’t understand why personal vehicles have to be so big now. Why do people like such big vehicles?

Aim higher

The best Christmas movie ever made is “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” Great movie.

Good advice

The holidays are upon us. Please don’t drink and drive. Use Safety Cab or designate a responsible person so we can all be safe this holiday season.

No one down here knows

Some people believe Jesus is coming May 21. Don’t they know Jesus says in the Bible that he doesn’t know, only the Father, and he will come like a thief in the night?

Thanks for the tip

Environmental tip: Buy 99 cents cloth grocery bags and use as gift bags. They are the same price as a regular gift bag is, or cheaper, and you have a reusable bag that has served its’ purpose as a gift bag.

Arrest bullies, too

It is a shame you will arrest two students for cyber attack, but you let bullies bully a child where it has to go to Municipal Court. That says something for our school system.

Wake up

If you don’t give the job creators some tax breaks, there won’t be enough people paying into Social Security. Wake up dummies!

War Eagle!

Your darn tootin’, we love Cam Newton. War Eagle.

Give back the money

Republicans would not have a super majority in Montgomery if it weren’t for the four Democrats who changed parties. They need to repay the money to people who helped get them elected as Democrats.

False prophesy

The billboard campaign proclaiming Christ’ return on May 21 is an example of false prophecy. The Bible clearly teaches the date is known only to the Heavenly Father and is not “hidden in the scripture.”

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