Sound Off for Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010

December 21, 2010 

Pick of the day

Enough with the dogs, already!

Hazardous duty

There are no Christmas lights on the Phenix City RiverWalk because workers were too afraid to go down there and put them up.

Take a few days off

I, too, would like to thank Mayor Wetherington for such a unique job. Your concern for our safety we most greatly appreciate. God bless you and yours. Have a wonderful retirement.

None of the above

A career politician who switches party affiliations after winning re-election in order to be on the majority side is not honest, trustworthy or blessed.

They’re in Congress

How can Congress say who can and can’t be in the military because of being homosexual? Congress has homosexuals, but they don’t get kicked out of Congress.

Spread is too small

I can’t believe they’re only favoring Auburn by 3. I predict 14 in their favor and several greasy spots on the field because those Ducks are under-fed. This is Tide talking.

Lucky to have him

To the pleasure to some and the dismay of others, we’ve had a mayor who thought like a police officer first and a politician second. Other cities should be so fortunate.

It’s not just Auburn

LSU football team is offering two scholarship reductions as punishment to keep on going on NCAA probation. And you thought it was all about Auburn.

What were they thinking?

Auburn is getting ready to play for the National Championship and WIOL replaces Paul Finebaum with Bobby Zee. What in God’s name were they thinking of?

It’s weather-proof

Thank you Headquarter Nissan for that great big beautiful all-weather American flag that does not have to come in out of the rain.

One less hand to shake

The best part of becoming a Republican is that Lesley Vance won’t have to shake hands with that goofball that’s sniping at him. If his juvenile rantings reflect his Democratic intelligence, good riddance.

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