StubHub short tickets sold for BCS championship game -- including mine

chwilliams@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 6, 2011 

It appears that popular ticket website StubHub is having trouble filling orders for Monday's BCS Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.

The company confirmed to CNBC today that a large broker who sold on the site, which guarantees buyers seats at the time of purchase, was not going to be able to provide tickets already sold.

"We have purchased as many tickets as are available to help fill customers’ orders, however we are still short of tickets due to the incredibly high demand for this game," StubHub spokeswoman Joellen Ferrer told the financial news service.

You could see this train coming.

Early Tuesday, the site had about 1,000 tickets for sale starting at more than $3,000, and the number of tickets had dwindled to about 300 by evening. Late Wednesday, StubHub stopped selling tickets to the BCS Championship in University of Phoenix Stadium.

I ordered two sets of tickets on Dec. 6, when prices were around $700 each for upper-deck seats. Five of those tickets came the week before Christmas, but the second order has not arrived. The first order, for five tickets at $700 each, shipped perfectly and even arrived ahead of the delivery date.

The second order, for two tickets at $719 each, is a different story. Monday, StubHub sent me an e-mail with a FedEx tracking number for my tickets. The seller had generated the package. It never shipped and by Wednesday morning I was turned over to a “case manager.”

First, StubHub said my tickets would be sent to me at my Phoenix hotel. Thursday morning, I was informed that the tickets could be picked up on game day at a location “around the corner from the stadium.”

The problem transcends StubHub. A cousin from Montgomery called late Wednesday night and said a ticket he purchased from another online agency fell through because a Chicago broker said he did not get his full order and offered a refund.

StubHub told CNBC it is working to fill orders and offering more than double the purchase price for anyone who bought their tickets on StubHub originally, has them in hand or is supposed to pick them up at the stadium, and is willing to sell.

This should be an interesting weekend.

If you purchased tickets from StubHub for this event, we are interested in hearing from you. Post a comment to this story or send me an e-mail.

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