Sound Off for Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 29, 2011 

Pick of the day

We shouldn’t help people who “celebrate” victories by firing machine guns.

Ceding our sovereignty

Under NATO rules, if NATO takes control of Libya no-fly operations involving U.S. aircraft, Turkey will have veto power over U.S. military activities. Have we fallen that far?

The map channel

It is impossible to watch a sports event on WRBL during inclement weather. The infamous 40-county map even covers the scoreboard.

Pay our share, please

A reminder from the 50 percent who pay no income tax to the 50 percent who pay, April 15 is near.

Roll them bones

Gambling must not be illegal in Alabama. They just opened a new casino Friday. Good luck, Indians.

Bizarre distinction

Ted Koppel is delusional if he really believes there are “good Islamic extremists” and “bad Islamic extremists.”

Jobs we won’t take?

Desperate unemployed Americans say they’ll take ANY job available, including two I did for decades -- landscaping and construction. Illegal immigration advocates call them liars.

Passivity policy

President Obama has the idea if you hesitate and wait, the problem will go away.

Get him on a ballot

Pastor James Evans is in the wrong profession. With his political expertise, he should be in public office, not the pulpit.

Pay as we go’ warfare

Any time our leaders order our troops to participate in a foreign armed conflict, the law should provide that an immediate income surtax would go into effect to pay for it.

Across the board

If we’re going to balance the budget, we’re going to need to be able to cut in all public sectors, including the military. Don’t like it? Get a job in the real world.

A charge with teeth

Is the man accused of biting the police officer charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon?

Double the mistake

If I agreed with President Obama, we would both be wrong.

Temporary tenant

Oh great, another furniture store. I’ll give it 12 months and then there will be another empty hole in the wall.

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