Sound Off for Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 

Pick of the day

The original Tea Party occurred because Britain gave huge tax breaks to the East India Company, undercutting colonial tea prices. It was really a revolt against corporate favoritism. Hmmmm …

They want it both ways

The same people who blamed Jimmy Carter for a failed rescue mission in Iran won’t give President Obama credit for getting bin Laden. No Democratic president will ever get praise from you right-wingers.

Seeing is believing

They won’t release the pictures of Osama? What are we suppose to do, accept the federal government’s word? That’s a joke.

Are both torture? Neither?

Let me see. President Obama and the Attorney General are against waterboarding of terrorists, but they are not opposed to shooting them in the head and killing them. You figure.

Fuel economics

Oil was down $2 a barrel today, yet the price of gasoline was only down a penny. It should have been down at least five cents.

Pay for what’s picked up

We like the once-a-week garbage pickup; good sense. Someone asked if the garbage fee should be cut in half. Think -- you’ll still have the same amount of garbage.

Political theater

When you’re an absolute failure at everything else, go after a terrorist. It’s called “wag the dog.”

Show your papers, Clark

Superman was born on Krypton, so he is an undocumented alien. It seems Superman has no American citizenship to renounce.

Gruesome programming

Al Jazeera, the popular Arab network, shows beheadings on TV. The picture of a body with a couple of gunshot wounds shouldn’t rattle that audience.

Think about it

Budget cuts and layoffs at the local, state and federal level are necessary; otherwise the overpriced “chair warmers” who draw six-figure salaries would not be able to vote themselves a pay raise.

Now for some in-house cleaning

If we can find Osama, we should be able to identify the “unauthorized sources” publicly detailing covert methods we used to get him, and put them in Gitmo for treason.

We can rule that out

They should have captured Bin Laden alive to see what made him tick because we know it wasn’t a heart.

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