Soundoff for Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 

Pick of the day

Just a wild guess … how many of those Alabama politicians who’ve cited zoning and preserving “property values” in prohibiting tornado victims from using FEMA trailers lost their own homes?

Deadly weather? Right after this message …

Have you noticed they interrupt storm warnings to give us commercials? I love television.

Age is relative, but this is ridiculous

Citizens younger than 55 are not “elderly,” as Democrat critics of Rep. Ryan’s proposed phase-out of Medicare imply in ads showing an elderly wheelchair-confined woman pushed off a cliff by Republicans.

It starts in the home … or should

Jay Leno wonders why his teachers didn’t help him cheat like the Washington D.C. public school teachers are said to do. Maybe his parents prepared him better than Washington parents prepare their kids.

Enforcing the rule of law

Thank you Judge Peters. Continue to set examples for all these gun-toting bullies around our city.

It’s in the Constitution

To all progressives: This country, the United States of America, is a republic, not a democracy.

We just can’t afford it

I am in complete agreement with Susan Andrews’ recommendation that the TAP program be closed. To allot $2.4 million for 111 students is ludicrous. How smart is our school board? We will soon see.

’Fess up, now

Now that GM and Chrysler have repaid the bailout money, posted profits and are adding jobs, will any of you who castigated President Obama for the bailout have enough courage to say you were wrong?

Something else going on

Mayor Tomlinson obviously has a personal agenda in her attempt to marginalize public golf in Columbus.

None of the above

I get to choose between Nazi Republicans, communist Democrats and third-party wackos. Yay democracy.

With ‘allies’ like these …

The secretary of defense said budget cuts will diminish our influence with our allies. If influence is based on the amount of money we give them, we don’t really need them for allies -- do we?

Be more specific, articulate

Saying “you people” is a poor choice of words and usually marks the communicator as uneducated.

Learning a better way of life

As a former teacher, I know that some girls go to school to find a “baby daddy.” In TAP, teachers are expected to provide them with moral values. Enough said.

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