Complete list of Alabama football secondary NCAA violations

Special to the Ledger-EnquirerJuly 6, 2011 

The updated list of secondary NCAA violations committed by Alabama according to a list published on the school’s official athletics website:

NEW: Player received impermissible benefits and withheld information from school

NEW: Two players received impermissible benefits.

1. Impermissible text message to recruit

2. Un-enrolled player stored items and lived in dorm for free

3. Improper publicity of recruit

4. Recruit called member of strength and conditioning staff and left voicemail. Staff member called back not realizing it was a recruit.

5. Player received impermissible transportation, entertainment, meals and lodging for two trips.

6. Player provided impermissible transportation off-campus for recruit on unofficial visit

7. Two coaches visited recruit on a day when recruit’s school was on holiday.

8. Staff member sent impermissible text messages to recruit’s mother.

9. Player sold free game tickets

10. Impermissible email sent to high school sophomore recruit

11. Impermissible text message to recruit

12. Publicizing recruits’ visit to campus

13. Impermissible text message to recruit

14. Impermissible text message to recruit’s mother

15. Contact with recruit on day of competition other than football

16. Player received benefits from an agent and preferential treatment based on athletic status.

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