Big Brother 13 Episode 2: Porsche and Keith nominated for eviction

July 10, 2011 

UPDATE: Evel Dick has posted a video explaining his departure from "Big Brother." Watch it here. Long story short: Something bad happened to someone close to him. He doesn't disclose that person's identity. Click here to read a recap of Wednesday's episode of "Big Brother."

Sigh. Another episode of "Big Brother" for the record books. I'll break some bad news right away: Sunday's show gave us absolutely no clues about why Dick left the "Big Brother" house. That will be revealed Wednesday. Any guesses?

Sunday's big moment came when Head of Household Rachel revealed who's up for eviction this week: Porshe and Keith. The POV competition airs Wednesday.

Some other noteworthy moments from the show:

*Keith, Dominic, Cassi and Lawon formed an alliance, The Regulators. Yes, that cheesy name is real. Basically, this alliance consists of new players banding together.

*Meanwhile, the veteran players cemented their alliance. They looked for new players to bolster their strength. Their picks? Porsche and Adam. Porshe is a little more malleable than Adam. She also stupidly tells her partner, Keith, that she bonded with the veteran players.

*In a weird have/have not competition involving milk and cows, we learn this week's have nots: Shelly, Cassi, Lawon and Kalia. Their bedroom resembles part of an insane asylum.

*Brendon and Rachel had a riveting conversation about plastic surgery. "I personally enjoy the look of Botox," Rachel said.

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