MTV Video Music Awards winners: Beyonce pregnant, Lady Gaga in drag, Tyler, The Creator at VMAs

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comAugust 28, 2011 

The MTV family is expanding.

The top moment at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards came after Beyonce's performance of "Love on Top," when the singer opened her jacket and rubbed her belly. Then, the camera showed rapper Kanye West congratulating Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z. Moments later, MTV confirmed the news: Beyonce is pregnant.

Aside from Beyonce's big reveal, the show offered moments like Lady Gaga in drag and Katy Perry accepting the Video of the Year honor while wearing a giant block on her head. So yeah, a pretty standard MTV awards show. Here's a full recap. I've included videos of the most talked-about moments.


9 p.m. - Lady Gaga opens the show. In drag. She's a guy who -- big surprise -- complains about Lady Gaga, then goes into a performance of "You and I." In drag, Gaga resembles a Prince/Bruno Mars hybrid. I love the confused expressions in the audience -- mainly Adele and Bieber. Toward the end of the performance, Queen guitarist Brian May joins her on stage. Nice.

9:13 - My first Nicki Minaj sighting of the night. I love how her getup includes an inflatable creature.

9:14 - Whoa, is that really Jonah Hill? He lost some serious weight. I need that workout plan.

9:15 - Best Pop Video goes to Britney Spears for "Till the World Ends." Wow, Britney looks great. She's come such a long way since that "Gimme More" awards show debacle.

9:24 - The opening bars of "Try a Little Tenderness" can only mean one thing. It's time for a "surprise" performance by Kanye West and Jay-Z. They perform "Otis." Twitter blows up with jokes centered on the infamous Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident. About 1 percent of those jokes are actually funny.

9:27 - Best Rock Video goes to Foo Fighters for "Walk." Yes, this band is still relevant. Take that, Bieber fans. "Never lose faith in real rock and roll music," Dave Grohl says.

9:34 - Wow, Rebecca Black made it into a VMA promo. Insert your music industry reflections here.

9:37 - Best Hip Hop Video goes to Nicki Minaj for "Super Bass." I agree with a widespread public sentiment: How did we get to a point where Britney Spears is among the most normal-looking people at an awards ceremony?

9:44 - Best Collaboration goes to Katy Perry and Kanye West for "E.T." Katy takes the podium and offers the obligatory Kanye joke: "Now this is the time when you want to interrupt me, Kanye." Wisely, he stays pretty quiet while accepting the award.

9:48 - Pitbull performs "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo and Nayer. Good performance, and awesome (possibly unintentionally) retro getup from Pitbull.

9:51 - I'm really enjoying the pre-commercial performances from Jessie J. Too bad she apparently hurt her leg and has to sit down while singing. She's wearing a boot.

9:57 - Sorry, folks, I'm not digging Katy Perry's purple hair. Do NOT try that at home.

9:58 - Adele! Adele! Adele! Awesome performance. She sings "Someone Like You" while accompanied by just a pianist. No flashy costumes. No inflatable creatures. No drag. Yet still so much better than everything else I've seen tonight. Take note, future entertainers. Talent outweighs shock value.

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10:10 - Jessie J is standing up! Woo hoo! Also, I did not need to see Kim Kardashian tonight.

10:11 - Best Male Video goes to Justin Bieber for "U Smile." Really?!? He thanks God AND Jesus. On a more superficial note, what do you think of his glasses?

10:15 - Chris Brown takes the stage and dances to a strange mix of music that includes Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Then, he's suddenly flying through the air. I'm sure this performance -- and its slightly obvious lip syncing -- will be somehow hailed as a "comeback." Sad confession: I'm more interested in Jessie J's pre-commercial performance of "No Scrubs." Long live TLC!

10:24 - Oh good, Lady Gaga's still in drag. She's introducing the tribute to Britney Spears.

10:27 - Dancers bust a move to a Britney Spears megamix. Another sad confession: I perform this same routine before work every morning.

10:28 - Britney accepts her tribute award...and by "accepts," I mean "introduces a performance by Beyonce." Strange. But maybe less is more in this scenario.

10:32 - Beyonce sings "Love on Top." I'm not a huge fan of this tune. But the end of the song, Beyonce removes her jacket and rubs her belly. Um, baby bump! Then we get a shot of Kanye West congratulating Jay-Z in the audience. So, Beyonce's pregnant? OK, MTV says it's official.

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10:40 - Best New Artist goes to Tyler, the Creator. Sorry, I still can't stop thinking about Beyonce. Also, if that's Tyler's mom freaking out in the audience, I love her.

10:44 - Young the Giant performs. I'm bored.

10:53 - "Jersey Shore" girls + Cloris Leachman = awkward

10:55 - Best Female Video goes to Lady Gaga for "Born this Way." Yes, Gaga is still in drag and playing a character. Move along.

11:03 - Russell Brand and Tony Bennett give a pretty sentimental tribute to Amy Winehouse. We see a clip of Amy singing with Tony Bennett. Then, Bruno Mars sings "Valerie." Pretty well done overall.

11:17 - Time for a preview of "The Hunger Games." I can't wait!

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11:20 - Video of the Year goes to Katy Perry for "Firework." She accepts the award while wearing a giant block on her head. Whatever. I'm so over this extreme behavior.

11:24 - Lil Wayne closes the show. He performs "How to Love" before dropping some rhymes that keep the censors busy.

11:27 - We're done!

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