Sound Off for Sept. 3, 2011

September 3, 2011 

Pick of the day Send all our troops home and put all these presidents in war gear and let them fight it out.

Try it yourself

Those police officers out there standing in the line of fire to protect you and your family have more “soul and conscience” in their little fingers than you could ever imagine.

Credit Catch-22

Work hard, do without, pay bills on time, and save up for big-ticket items. Result? A low credit score, because lenders don’t like people who don’t borrow money. High scores are bought, not earned.

Chill out, fans

People, please, learn to read. It was in the Ledger-Enquirer: The new Georgia uniforms are only for the game with Boise State, who by the way will look like giant blueberries.

It’s just what you wanted

Nix, somebody in your household must be getting a government check. Georgia is just trying to raise money to pay for those people and their benefits. As left as you are, I’m surprised you’re complaining.

No golf, either

Instead of a 10-day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, I spent 10 days at the unemployment office. No success.

It works fine already

If it’s not broke, let’s not try fixing it. There is nothing wrong with the way city government is being run now. We don’t need to give the mayor more power or less.

All the way

Auburn will be getting more than just four wins this year. How about we’re going back-to-back? War Eagle!

Double bind

Why is it the federal government won’t enforce the immigration laws, and on top of that, they won’t let the states enforce the immigration laws?

Place your bets

I always chuckle when state legislators butt heads over casino and bingo parlor issues. Many of them play at the world’s largest casino: the New York Stock Exchange.

Exclusive society

What’s the matter, Richard? Only the good old boys or members of the Big Eddy Club allowed to do business in this town? You need to chill out.

Marital absolution

Heterosexual couples ruined the sanctity of marriage? Maybe they should go to a gay priest and ask forgiveness.


The Great White Hunter David Adams already has gun control. He hit exactly what he aimed at.

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