Morning paper: The elephant in the room

September 7, 2011 


ATHENS - Well, that didn't take long. One game in to the 2011 season, and Mark Richt's job status seems to have moved front and center.

Not only did Richt himself field a couple questions about it on Tuesday - and he wasn't happy with the second one - but his players were getting asked if they were playing for Richt's job. Here is my story from the scene on Tuesday.

And you'll be happy to know it's not just players and coaches getting asked about it. I was on a radio show in Columbia, S.C., early this morning and I got asked about it a couple times: Would it happen next week? Would it happen mid-season? What about after the season?

My preference here is to let things play out, and not jump too far ahead. Beat South Carolina on Saturday, and everyone will feel better for a couple weeks - unless and until things don't go well in the two-game swing against the Mississippi schools.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

What they're saying about Georgia: This isn't necessarily about Georgia. But this Steve Spurrier quote about Boise State on Tuesday was interesting: “Boise, you have to admire the way their kids play. They played fundamentally sound, very few mistakes, hustled and gave it their best shot. When they jog down the field, they look like Wofford or Furman or those teams."

Story from elsewhere in the SEC: If you didn't see our previous blog about Texas A&M, go check it out. It looks like it could happen as soon as today, as long as Baylor and its president Kenneth Starr decide to give up their threat of legal action. Which, given American political history, isn't a sure thing.

YouTube flashback of the day: It's come to my attention that a lot of the kids today know the phrase "I've fallen .. and I can't get up!" But they've never seen the video. Let's change that.

Song of the day: Bon Iver, who's kind of hot now, has a song out that starts out sounding like "Song for You" by Ray Charles. Well, let's go with the original from the most famous native of Albany, Ga.

Tweet I wish I'd written: "Baylor president Ken Starr knows a thing or two about wasting everyone's time and money with a lost cause." - John Clay, Lexington Herald-Leader, @johnclayiv

Inspirational quote of the day: "No." - Todd Grantham, when the Georgia defensive coordinator was asked Tuesday if he had any extra motivation this year against Spurrier, after Spurrier's jab at Grantham following last season's game. (Grantham grinned when he said, "No," debated whether to say anything more, and just kept smirking.)

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