Sound Off for September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011 

Pick of the day

Congress moves slowly because milking lobbyists is a time-consuming process.

Bass ackwards

A recent analysis noted that because of the recession, wealthier couples are having fewer children than poorer couples. The rich can’t afford children, but the poor can? Isn’t that backwards?

Faceless perps?

Why has this newspaper shown numerous photos of the victim of the police beating, but no photos of the perpetrators?

Not by my math

Social Security and Medicare aren’t entitlements because we’re simply getting back what we paid in? Wrong! The truth is we receive much more than we pay in. Some recipients pay nothing.

See for yourselves

All those chicken hawks who don’t believe that water-boarding is torture should line up behind Dick Cheney and try it out.

What a disappointment

Just got my Smithsonian magazine and the cover is the Taj Mahal. Doesn’t look anything like the school board headquarters — nowhere near as elaborate.

Patience for true fans

No true Georgia fan expected a miracle this year. We realized from the start we were a year away. All you naysayers, you are what we call “fair weather fans.”

It’s their beat

I wish WTVM would move across the river and broadcast from Phenix City. Ninety-five percent of what they carry is Alabama news.


Mike Owen: I agree. That property behind the Main Library is simply gross and has not been cut for a while. Someone needs to do something about it.

Just shifting the problem

Decatur Court is not the only hot spot in town. You can bulldoze it, but the thugs will only relocate.

No resisters left

A good number of lawmakers opposed the Vietnam War and a handful opposed Desert Storm. Defense contractors and their lobbyists must have them all now.

Time to make your move

Run, Sarah, run. Run back to Alaska.

To serve and protect

My gratitude goes to the brave young officer who stopped the bank robbers and put them in their place.

Careful what you wish for

If it wasn’t for the rich people, our country would be another Haiti.

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