Judy's story: Faith gave her strength, dog and husband provided comfort

Midland GaSeptember 16, 2011 

After having a routine mammogram in April 2010, in May 2010, I found myself at the valley of the shadow of death. I was diagnosed with a well differentiated grade 1, stage 2, infiltrating mammary ductal carcinoma breast cancer. The tumor had the Her2neu protein 3+ and estrogen 3+. It looked dark as I was starting my walk to the end of that dark dreadful valley. I knew through that darkness was the light at the end which held my green pasture. It was then that I would lie down and rest.

I had no fear, as I walked this valley, for I knew God was leading me and He would give me all the help I needed. Sometimes we wonder why things happen but, when we look back, we know it was done for our good and for His Glory to be shown.

His rod and staff were there to help and comfort me during this journey through my loving husband, Del holding my hand, and a beautiful puppy, Fifi, who brought comfort to both of us. Del was by my side through all the doctor and John B. Amos Cancer Center visits while taking cake of everything at home. He made certain all I had to do was what the medical team told me to do to get through this journey. Fifi stayed by my side when the chemo waves came and had ill effects on my body, and she let me know when it was time to play and get my exercise on the good days. She seemed to know what part of my body was hurting and would lay next to that part helping take the pain away. The days the chemo waves were strong, Del, Fifi, and I would just jump on that surfboard with Jesus holding us on and ride them till they settled down.

As Dr. Pippas and Lori Mosier told me, each treatment had a longer "down" time. Therefore, this walk in the valley was long and dark but I knew the end was coming and I would one day take my rest in the green grass, and put my body that hurt so into the still waters to wash away that pain. Praise God, after 52 chemo treatments and 33 radiation treatments, Dr. Pippas and Dr. Cabelka told me there is no cancer in my body at this time!

Still now, I know my cup is overflowing with love from everyone who was/is praying for me and the support of my family. My husband, Del, and our puppy, Fifi, are the daily comfort the Lord has given me. They help me stay focused on God's will, trust and obey what the doctors tell me to do to get to the green pasture.

In all areas of our life's journey, we have valleys to go through and we must be focused on God's love for us. Our valleys are the call from God to let us know, He is in control and there for us. It allows Him to show us His love and to have us love Him more. He showed me His love by sending me a loving husband to be at my side through this valley from day one, Fifi to help take my mind off the valley, our children and grandchildren giving me strength to keep up with them, my sister-in-law has always being there for us, friend's prayers, love and support, a wonderful medical team on call 24/7 and all of the daily God Moments sent every day.

Give yourself to something higher than yourself. You give yourself to the faith your love for God has given you through His Son, Jesus Christ, who went through more suffering for us than we could ever imagine. Just remember to look for your daily "God Moments". They are all around you.

All things are possible with God and He will never leave you. Do not fear death for what is death; it is life, life in the House of the Lord forever.

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