Bev Land’s Music Video

Pacelli graduate’s parody goes viral after Lindsay Lohan threatens to sue

sokamoto@ledger-enquirer.comSeptember 22, 2011 

The last time I spoke to John Beverly “Bev” Land, it was a few years back. He was acting and writing and his then-wife, Sharon Leal, was filming “Dreamgirls.”

“I’m writing and directing now,” he said. He’s got projects with Fox Searchlight and Screen Gems.

He’s also being a full-time father to his son, Kai, who is 9.

“It’s crazy. He’s in the fifth grade and the big man on campus.”

He sent me message last month saying he’d just finished filming a music video that had gone viral.

The title of the video can’t be used here but it refers to bottoms and breasts.

Land shot the video in Atlanta and Columbus. In Columbus, it was shot at Land’s mother’s property and at the Blue Door, a clothing boutique in the Bradley Park shopping area.

Land’s fiancee, Dania Ramirez, came up with the idea. She had written two verses and a bridge.

“She’d sing the song and we’d laugh,” he said. “Finally, she said, ‘Let’s shoot a silly video.’

“I told her we’d have to make it a whole song.”

They went into the studio and finished it in a day.

Land knew it would be a silly video.

When Ramirez was in Atlanta filming “American Reunion,” another in the “American Pie” series, Mena Suvari, who is also in the movie, agreed to be in the video.

They also talked fellow actor Keith Robinson to join the fun.

“The whole thing is about how in society, everyone’s making money off (women’s physical assets).

“It’s a parody video about what our industry has become.”

Land and Ramirez decided to name the song what it is because it was “guaranteed to get attention.”

“We had so much fun shooting it,” he said. “Dani and Mena and Keith ... it was just so much fun.”

Land released it on YouTube.

“Lindsay Lohan saw the video and sent it to TMZ,” Land said

TMZ let him know that the video would be posted on its website.

Lohan then threatened to sue, saying the video was pathetic and was using her to “stay relevant.”

“I’m not afraid of her,” Land said. “She wasn’t going to sue because it was so petty. But that’s when it went viral.”

He said Ramirez is taking a shot at Nicki Minaj, but he said it wasn’t mean.

“We’re not attacking people; we’re making fun of the industry,” he insists. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just the way it is.”

It took two days and just $5,000 to make the video.

More about Land

Land graduated from Pacelli High School in 1996.

The movie he’s making is called “Bad Dad.”

“It’s about single parenting and divorce. It’s a dark comedy.” It’s based on a real-life divorce and 2½-year custody battle for Kai. “There was a lot of pain but a lot of funniness,” he says now.

The pilot he’ll be shooting is called “The Green Room.” He says it’s set in 2007 when medical marijuana became legal in California.

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