Sound off for Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011

September 22, 2011 

Pick of the day

Hey, Obama — know where I can get a good deal on solar panels?

Enforcement upgrade

Russell County needs more state troopers. They will issue tickets.

Just wait

Think taxes are too high? Take off the freeze and they will be even higher.

Make our case

Why not move the postal operations of Macon and Montgomery to Columbus? Come on, Columbus leaders and representatives. Get busy!

Heads in the sand

You radical liberals who don’t watch Fox don’t want to know the truth. You still think we pay 25 cents for a gallon of gas.

Irrelevant concept

Corruption means nothing to politicians. To them, it is only a meaningless word.

How to do it right

Federal Express was started from scratch, nearly went bankrupt, and is now one of the most profitable companies in America. Maybe they should own the post office.

Don’t have the time

Residents of Phenix City: Your police department is too busy worrying about its own misconduct to police your streets. Sorry about that.


I thought Columbus was the second largest city in Georgia. Why even consider sending our mail operations to Macon, let alone Montgomery? Seems we’re moving backwards.

Credit to the city

Phenix City’s Steve Smith is a good and decent man, and very much an asset to Phenix City. Thank you.

Highest tribute

Sgt. Dakota Meyer is a living example of uncommon valor. Harry Truman said, “I would rather have the Medal of Honor than to be president of the United States.”


Why wasn’t the Idle Hour Park shooting spread all over the L-E?

Case study

The University of Miami is a great example of why you don’t want to put a politician in charge of your athletic program.

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