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Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011

Retiree Appreciation Day to celebrate those who served

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The 29th Annual Retiree Appreciation Day starts at 6:30 a.m. Nov. 4 at the Benning Conference Center.

Retiree Appreciation Day will feature a variety of activities including a breakfast and lunch, tour around the Jamestown Road Simulation Facility, health and benefit fair, and guest speaker retired Col. John Radke. Breakfast is $2.30, lunch is $16 and it includes the fee for door prizes.

Verna Clemons, a retirement service officer, said Retiree Appreciation Day is a day to honor retirees. The event will also update retirees on new information about retirement services and changes on Fort Benning.

“We appreciate their service,” she said. “Although they are retired, they are still serving (the community).”

Those interested in attending who reside in the tricommunity area can register at Building 2624, located in Soldiers’ Plaza off Dixie Road. Clemons said mailing in the form isn’t necessary, “just come to the office.”

This year, with the closure of Fort McPherson, Ga., forms were sent out in newsletters to retirees in the Atlanta, Alabama and Columbus areas, and as a result, Clemons said she expects the turnout to be bigger.

“This year we took on about 25 counties. (Retiree Appreciation Day) is open to all armed forces and family members and friends,” she said.

Clemons said those who don’t live close by should call lodging at Fort Benning early if they plan to stay the night.

The event allows retirees to bond, she said, and with the individuals from the additional 25 counties, more retirees will be able to make more connections to others they know from their past.

“It’s like a family reunion — they find so many of their friends that they haven’t seen … it’s a way they will be able to come out and see their friends. And this year with Atlanta, Fort Benning and Alabama counties they will be able to see a lot of (more) people,” she said.

Registration ends Oct. 21.

For more information about Retiree Appreciation Day or to register, call Clemons at 706-545-1805.

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