School board must keep ASC open

October 13, 2011 

I have never felt the need to write a letter, but I read an article in yesterday’s paper as a slap in the face to the community and youth of today.

I have never had a family member who has attended Academic Success; however, I have several friends who have had their children pass through those doors and have gone on to graduate. I just feel that without this facility we would have more middle/high schools that do not make AYP.

Being a family friend of Mr. John Wells, I was astounded to learn that he was the one who proposed the closing of this school. Closing TAP I can understand (paying people to babysit the babies), and closing St. Elmo I wouldn’t argue over, but the closing of the Academic Success Center can be the total ruin of our graduation rate and AYP. I for one will be part of the crowd at Monday’s meeting. I plead with all of the parents out there to voice your opinion and keep the doors of the Academic Success Center open.

Grace MacDonald


If it’s about money …

I cannot believe a school board member would ever advocate closing the Academic Success Center. This center has proven its worth beyond all question. Some students do not fit into the standard classroom environment, through no fault of their own, and they need the particular setting that the ASC provides in order to achieve their potential.

Is this idea based upon saving money? If so, I have a better idea -- scrap the magnet system. After al, it has destroyed the feeder program we used to have for our high schools, and segregated our school system both racially and intellectually for the benefit of the few and privileged. It has also destroyed the wonderful sports rivalries we used to have in Muscogee County when all the schools were roughly the same size and we all played each other. Not to mention all the money we would save on transportation costs for our sports teams.

Find an intelligent way to save money, not a politically expedient way.

Kevin Harrington


Celebrating vets

Once again Veterans Day (Nov 11) is nearly upon us. Here in the Chattahoochee Valley we celebrate it more like a Veterans Week.

The Third Annual Veterans parade will be Saturday 12 November 201l. Everyone who wants to participate should contact Holly Browder at Comer Gym for an entry form. She can be reached at 706- 576-5475.

If you are currently serving on active duty, a National Guardsman, a reservist, a veteran, or a military spouse who would like to visit a school during Veterans Week Nov 7-10, please call LTC (Ret.) Frank McCanham at 706-324-2926. He is compiling a list of speakers, and matching them up with schools that have requested a speaker through the office of the Superintendent of Education.

Let’s make this Veterans Week celebration another great success.

Sam Nelson

Chairman, Chattahoochee Valley Veterans Council


Values revolution

As a people we are definitely in need of a revolution! My idea of said revolution would probably differ from the ones that I have read about on Facebook and other media used to spout that rhetoric. As a people we need to empower ourselves. This can be obtained through knowledge. The more you know the more you control in your life.

We have some great athletes and we dominate most physical sports. We have rappers who make millions, yet they can barely utter a sentence without sounding like buffoons. I would like to see the effort it takes to become successful in those fields applied to the effort some of our youth give in the classroom. I would like to see more parents showing up in the classroom like they do for the child’s basketball games. I want them to know the names of their child’s teachers just as well as they know the names of the star football players on the school team. I want to see them stand up and shout as one “Enough!” at the type of conduct that incarcerates our youth, just as loudly as they do after they have been arrested. I want to see more of us celebrate the science project like we do the touchdown. I want us to applaud getting an A over a B in math class, just like we champion the cause of these ignorant rappers who berate our women and call to arms our brothers against one another.

When we as a people are ready for a revolution like that, please call my name because I will stand with you.

Frank Maney


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