Soundoff for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011

October 18, 2011 

Pick of the day

We now have conclusive proof that Bin Laden is dead. Yesterday he registered to vote in Chicago.

Where’s Madame DeFarge?

I keep waiting for the Wall Street demonstrators to haul out the guillotine.

Check your sources

Did Fox tell you that Democrats weren’t behind Obama’s jobs bill? Every Democrat but two voted for it. Some people are delusional. Get help.

Check your sources again

Dusty Nix tells both sides of the story just as well as MSNBC.

Tell the whole truth

Proponents of amnesty for 13 million illegals mislead by claiming Reagan would support it. He supported a one-time amnesty for 1.2 million illegals, having been promised that borders would be controlled afterwards.

Could be a lot worse

For all its quirks and gross mismanagement, America is still the most fun country I’ve ever lived in.

Format deficiency

Why cannot Columbus support a classic rock station?

Regulatory efficiency

The slogan for the EPA should be “don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air.”

Pick your Orwell

Perhaps America today is the beginning of “Animal Farm.” However, the Bush regime was the epitome of Orwell’s “1984.” Big Brother was watching you.

Welcome back

Kurt: It’s good to see your face on WRBL.

Taxpayers’ guest

Carlton Gary enjoys three hots and cot for 25 years, thanks to the Georgia Supreme Court and the judicial system, while we pay several hundred thousand dollars for their folly.

Doomed to collapse

A capitalistic democracy in which one percent of the population owns everything is not going to survive very long.

Deja vu

Commander-in-chief Obama dispatches a small number of U.S. troops to Central Africa. Remember when JFK did the same thing in Vietnam?

Wrong idea at the wrong time

Raising debit card fees in the recession isn’t going to fly with the American people. Banks are pushing the wrong button with this one.

Political irrelevancy

Why does it matter who Donald Trump backs?

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