Richt teleconference

dshirley@macon.comOctober 23, 2011 


Alex Ogletree coming back:

Can’t tell you for sure who is going to start at linebacker. I know Tree will be one of them

On the polls (Georgia is ranked 22nd in the AP and Harris polls and 21st in the coaches’ poll):
I asked Claude where we are, where we landed. I think it’s a good thing; once you’re in there, you try to stay in there.
When it comes to media coverage, especially on the networks that cover college football, they tend to spend more time on the top 25 teams.

Florida QB situation:
It’s difficult, no doubt. One thing that’s good is that we will have video of all three of them. You don’t know who’s going to play or who’s going to start, but we will have a plan for each one of them when they’re in there.
The biggest difference is when a lot of that Wildcat stuff gets in there. You’ve got to be aware which quarterback is in there, which back is in there, and the tendencies of what they like to do.

Baccari Rambo:
I think he will be fine. He did not practice this week. I think he’s going to be OK. I believe he will practice (Monday). I hadn’t talked to Ron Courson today.

Malcolm Mitchell:
He was running straight ahead. That’s the only thing i saw him do, without a problem. I
didn’t see him run full speed or change direction. He always says he will be fine, and I hope that will be the truth.

Overall health of team:
We think (it’s the healthiest they’ve been all year), hope so. But we still have to practice tomorrow and Tuesday in pads and shells those days, and there always seems to be something that happens those days. Right now, we look very healthy.
Rentavious Wooten is the only one right now we think who would have played in this game who won’t play; he’s still struggling with the concussion.

Florida-Georgia still a big game:
It (feels the same) to us. We know it’s a big game. It’s big for a lot of reasons for us this year. A lot of the fans ask me, “Are you going to beat Florida? Are you going to beat Florida?” That’s the goal. We just hope when you get to that game, it’s still meaningful to us in the Eastern Division race, and it is. We know we haven’t had a lot of luck in Jacksonville lately, but the goal is to beat Florida.

Five-game winning streak:
We felt like we had a very good team in the offseason and in the camp. Now, after Game 1, I wasn’t thrilled. But after the second game, i thought we had all the ingredients to have a very good team, so there was no panic or anything that we felt like we needed to change.

SEC East race:
We talk about the race a lot. One of our primary goals is to win the division, and we keep an eye on what’s going on. We know what we have to do to stay in the race, and we know we have to keep winning games. It’s definitely on the forefront of our minds.

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