Kids Do It Best: Students from around the Valley show off their artwork

sokamoto@ledger-enquirer.comOctober 27, 2011 

Some of the best locally produced art that I’ve seen comes from youngsters.

I’m serious.

One year at Riverfest, I saw something done by a middle school student and told the woman running the student art contest that I wanted that piece.

She told me to get in line.

I saw later that the Riverfest office had bought the student’s work.

It was that good.

So I was not surprised at the Steeplechase art contest winners last week.

“We had such good participation,” said Katherine Martin, the children’s art show chair last week. In the past, the show has been in Peachtree Mall and the Columbus Museum. This year, a space was not available to show these works.

One teacher who always has her children enter the show is Frances Spencer, who teaches art at Fort Middle and Double Churches Middle schools.

“They love it,” she said of her students participating in the art show.

I had an assignment earlier and was late getting to the Springer, so most of the students had already gone home.

Antonese Frazier, a seventh grader at Fort, was proud of getting an honorable mention award.

“I think I did my very best,” she said. “I tried.” Her technique was batik, and she painted a horse on paper.

Another proud winner, Gabriel Hood, 12, a fifth grader at Johnson Elementary School, won first place in two-dimensional work for her class (third-fifth grades).

She swears she didn’t know she’d win, but was smiling widely with her blue ribbon next to her.

Here are the winners:

Best in Show: “Streams” by Raul Delgado, senior, Columbus High School

First Place, Three Dimensional/Sculpture: Charles Lee, junior, St. Anne/Pacelli

Second Place, Three Dimensional/Sculpture: Laura Gordon, senior, LaGrange High School

First Place, Two Dimensional Art: “Partners,” Darby Wiggins, senior, Columbus High (ninth-12th grades); Quindarrius Giddens, Double Churches Middle (sixth-eighth grades); Gabriel Hood, fifth grade, Johnson Elementary (third-fifth grades); “The Beautiful Stallion,” Sarah Sheppard, second grade, Britt David Magnet School (kindergarten-second grades).

Second Place, Two Dimensional Art: “Metallic Friend,” Mikayla Smith, senior, Columbus High (ninth-12th grades); Jeffery Guenkel, sixth grade, Double Churches Middle (sixth-eighth grades); Emilie Anne Misamore, fifth grade, St. Luke School (third-fifth grades); “Big Broom Horse,” Carter Hanson, kindergarten, Britt David Magnet (kindergarten-second grades).

Honorable Mention:

Allen Elementary School: Amelia Godwin, kindergarten; Angel Rosario, first grade

Britt David: Alex Brown, third grade; Amber Diehl, fourth grade; Dylan Heard, first grade; Ashley Wilson, kindergarten

Double Churches Middle School: Susie Grace Earle, eighth grade; Hunter Mullen, 12; Christina Nall, 12

Eagle Ridge Elementary School: Gracie Entlich, second grade; Blake Evans, second grade

Eddy Middle School: Kyron Daniel, seventh grade; Kendall Fritzky, seventh grade; Tavares Hobdy, sixth grade

Fort Middle School: Antonese Frazier, eighth grade

Gentian Elementary School: Ashlee Patrick, fifth grade

Georgetown Elementary School: Briann Harris, fifth grade; Tracy Joseph, fourth grade; Tamira Moore, second grade; McKenaie Paschal, fifth grade

J.D. Davis Elementary School: LaJames Moffett, fifth grade

LaGrange Academy: Alex Dushok, 11th grade; Evan Genova, 10th grade; Katherine Huff, 11th grade; Phillip Krizay, 12th grade; Leah Major, seventh grade

Matthews Elementary School: Rihyona Robinson, second grade

McBride Elementary Schoo: Storey Drawdy, third grade; Ruby Garcia, third grade; Tori Gore, fifth grade; Estefana Martinez, third grade; John Saraza, fourth grade

Midland Middle School: Sienna Taylor, fifth grade

Northside High School: Dakota Kelley, 10th grade

Reese Road Elementary School: Regan Reid, kindergarten; Jaquarious Walker, first grade

Rigdon Road Elementary School: Bianca Dawson, fifth grade

St. Anne/Pacelli: Savannah Claridy, 10th grade; Daniel Foor, 12th grade; Lauren Trudell, 12th grade

St. Luke School: Lindsey Giglio, eighth grade; Emma Hatala, seventh grade; Bo Lewis, eighth grade; Taylor Roos, seventh grade; Caroline Williams, second grade

Shaw High School: Ashleigh Robba, 12th grade

Spencer High School: Jessica Hernandez, 10th grade

Waddell Elementary School: Kamari Williams, fourth grade

Wilson School: Kaza Chhim, fourth grade

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