Thanksgiving Twinkies

November 7, 2011 

My column for today is about fancy dishes versus simple, traditional foods at Thanksgiving.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving with traditional foods -- turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie etc. I'm vegetarian, so I skip the turkey and gravy -- but even if I ate meat, "Twinkling Turkey" is a recipe I would never try.

From the Huffington Post:

[T]he cake part of the Twinkie is used as a stuffing ingredient while the cream filling becomes a sauce for turkey. For the stuffing, Twinkies and a Hostess corn muffin mix are combined with diced apple and stuffed into the bird. For the sauce, the cream filling is combined with honey and brushed on the turkey during the last fifteen minutes of roasting. Sure, it's a creative use of a Twinkie, but creativity doesn't always translate into tastiness.

That's right -- it's a turkey stuffed with Hostess snack cakes. The recipe comes from the Twinkies Cookbook (yes, this is real), which also includes such culinary gems as "Twinkie Sushi," "Twinkie Lasagna" and "Pigs in a Twinkie." Yum?

It makes me wonder what other sort of Thanksgiving dishes you could concoct from vending machine foods. Cheetos Stuffing, anyone?

What's the weirdest dish you've ever eaten for Thanksgiving dinner?

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