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Tuesday, Nov. 08, 2011

789th EOD deploys to Afghanistan

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The 789th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company deployed Sunday night at Lawson Army Airfield for a yearlong tour in Afghanistan.

Capt. Ethan Caldwell, company commander, said the unit’s mission was to deal with IED threats.

“Our main mission is to defeat IEDs … to identify, render safe and defeat the IED threat and gather technical intelligence so we can help defeat the IED networks over in Afghanistan,” he said.

The Soldiers spent their last hours with their friends and Family in Freedom Hall before their departure.

For Sgt. Andrix and Requita Pierre, this will be their sixth deployment. Andrix said he would miss his Family the most, “especially with it being so close to the holiday season.”

Requita said she normally keeps busy to pass the time while her husband is away on deployment.

The Pierres use a variety of messaging services to keep in touch with each other.

“Skype is wonderful because you don’t want to just talk to him, you want to see him because you want to make sure that everything is ok,” she said.

Caldwell said he wanted to make sure his unit did its job right and bring other Soldiers home.

“We’ve trained hard,” he said. “We take it one mission at a time one day at a time (and) bring everybody home.”

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