Stay or go: Charles, Rambo weigh their futures

semerson@macon.comDecember 16, 2011 

ATHENS - Orson Charles and Bacarri Rambo will look at the NFL after the Outback Bowl. Jarvis Jones will not. And Aaron Murray will get feedback from the NFL just for giggles.

Georgia has several draft-eligible players who have submitted their names to the NFL draft advisory board, including Charles, Rambo and Murray. But the only ones who said they were leaning in any direction were the ones who said they were staying.

Jarvis Jones, the All-American outside linebacker, reiterated that he isn't leaving. In fact he was one of the few draft-eligible players who didn't submit his name to the NFL.

"No reason to," Jones said. "The NFL, I think everything will work for itself. I'm not really concerned on that. We're still playing. We're still in-season. I've already said I'm coming back."

The NFL draft advisory board, consisting of team scouts and general managers, provides an estimate to each player on what round they might get drafted. Charles and Rambo did send their names in, which was expected.

Charles, a first-team All-SEC tight end, said he won't look at his draft grade until after the bowl, because he doesn't want the distraction. He also said he didn't have a specific round grade in mind.

"A lot of people say, 'Orson I feel for you, for the decision.' But I'm just blessed," he said. "I'm proud to be in this spot right now."

Murray, who was Charles' high school teammate, said he didn't know what his tight end would do.

"I don't think he knows at all yet either," Murray said.

Murray does know that he's coming back, even though he submitted his name to the NFL. Murray said he just did it out of curiosity.

"There's no chance I'm leaving," Murray said, laughing. "I need some more work."

So why put his name in?

"I think at the end of the day, it's nice to see what they say," Murray said. "And then you never know, if some of the guys get back (an evaluation that says) 'Hey you're a second or first round pick,' you might be like, OK maybe I need to consider this a little more. But it really mostly to see where they think you are and maybe motivation to make you work harder in the next season."

Rambo, a first-team All-American safety, said he will probably know his decision after the bowl.

"I've been thinking about it. But I've got one more game of college football I want to enjoy," Rambo said.

Rambo indicated that his draft evaluation from the NFL wouldn't have much of an impact on his decision.

"Any round grade is such an honor. It's just a dream to play in the NFL," Rambo said. "Even if you go in the seventh round or the first round, you're still going to have to go out there and prove yourself, so it doesn't really matter what grade you get."

Rambo said his decision will be all his, and there are no family considerations. As for individual and team goals, while he has achieved all-SEC and all-American awards, there are still other goals out there, such as the Jim Thorpe award and SEC defensive player of the year.

"I know I'll have to compete with Jarvis though," Rambo said, smiling. "Some of the team goals: We made it to the SEC (championship), we won the SEC East, but we didn't win the SEC, and that's one of the goals I want to achieve. And also the national championship. I never had a chance to win a ring playing any sports, and I think next year will be a great year for us."

Senior cornerback Brandon Boykin went through this process last year. At one point he had decided to leave, but changed his mind.

Boykin said the juniors considering the job should "really think about it, not make a decision off of what they feel at the moment."

"I know everybody's goal is to go to the NFL," Boykin said. "I know everyone wants to get out and make money and stuff like that. But to just really think about the situation, what's best for them. I know everybody's situation is different.

"Definitely for me I wanted to come back and make sure I got closer to my degree. Make sure you help your draft stock as much as you can. For me, a huge thing was coming back on a winning season. So with us winning 10 wins this year, a lot probably want to come out and win the SEC next year."

Boykin was asked if he expected the coaches to have Charles, Rambo and others speak to him and Glenn.

"Probably so," Boykin said, laughing. "And I'll talk to them, and tell them everybody's decision is their own, and situation is different. Just think about, and think about the pros and cons of doing both."

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