The media's GATA award

semerson@macon.comDecember 20, 2011 

ATHENS - This is a bit inside baseball - well, inside football - but I thought I'd pass it on.

The beat writers covering the Georgia football team opted to begin handing out a yearly award to the player who is most cooperative with the media. And after Tuesday's practice, the award was presented to junior linebacker Christian Robinson.

The vote was tabulated Heisman style: Each writer voted for first, second and third place. Robinson was a comfortable winner, followed by Aron White, and others players receiving votes were Aaron Murray, Brandon Boykin and John Jenkins. ( My ballot was Robinson, White and Boykin, in that order.)

There was actually more debate over what to name the award. In the end we went with GATA - which in this case stands for Gracious Attitude Towards Answering.

Robinson was given a plaque on Tuesday morning. (It was cleared through compliance to make sure there were no NCAA issues.) Head coach Mark Richt and team spokesman Claude Felton were also there, and Richt complained good-naturedly about not getting the award, before being informed he wasn't eligible.


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