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Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Military moms get back to physical military readiness

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The Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training program, formally called Moms on the Move, is a mandatory physical training and advised health education program for all pregnant and postpartum Soldiers. The purpose of the program is to assist Soldiers in maintaining basic physical fitness levels, enhance physical and emotional well-being, and provide educate on pregnancy- related issues. Program participants are required to attend four to five days of physical training. For pregnant Soldiers, there is a day for education.

Staff Sgt. Rebecca Ross started with PPPT last January when she was three months along with her third child. This was her first pregnancy at Fort Benning and with the PPPT program. Even though the program is mandatory, she said it motivated her.

“It helped me stay healthy during my pregnancy,” she said. “I had more energy toward the end of my pregnancy, unlike my other ones.”

The PPPT program provides a six-week, at-home exercise program for Soldiers to do while they are on convalescent leave to help facilitate their return to the postpartum side of the program.

“I did what I learned in pregnancy PT when I was at home. I used the balance ball to work out,” Ross said. “I had the opportunity to work out with other pregnant and postpartum women. I wasn’t alone, like I would be if I was at my unit doing PT. It makes a difference in doing the PPPT program versus regular PT in that you’re with a group of women who are like me and have recently delivered, instead of being the lone female who has given birth and must now perform unit PT.”

Ross said it was helpful to have trained exercise leaders who helped her when she came back from delivery to reintegrate with doing PT.

After losing 71 pounds, Ross has this advice for other pregnant Soldiers: “If you put in the effort, you will get a lot out of the program. The exercises that they have us doing are designed to help us with the recovery.”

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