Crime blog: Thursday grab bag!

ariquelmy@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 19, 2012 

Welcome to the Crime Blog's Thursday grab bag: a weekly feature that will last until I get tired of it or forget one week to do it.

Let's see ... fishing through the mountain of reports on my messy desk, I find one that might be worth looking at. Ah, maybe not. Says here that police were called to a medical clinic on Wednesday to meet with a doctor. So, officers go there and are told that a 16-year-old girl might be pregnant.

Hmm. Case under investigation. Guess the officers missed that one day in sex ed class.

Now, don't get upset thinking I'm making light of a serious situation. There is no allegation of a crime occurring, and reports indicate no follow up is recommended.

OK, moving on. What's next in the bag ... here's one that also involves a medical clinic. Kind of. Police were called to Brookstone Centre Parkway about 7:40 a.m. Wednesday about suspicious items in a parking lot.

Were there suspicious items? Police don't say. However, no one was hurt, no one was arrested and no follow up is recommended.

That's my experience with suspicious items. Years ago, someone forgot their tool box by the CB&T in downtown Columbus. Police spent hours dealing with that tool box. They even brought out the bomb robot to tackle the situation.

Turns out, the tool box was filled with tools. But I figure it's better to be safe and bring out the robot instead of being sorry.

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