State of the Union highlights

January 25, 2012 

As most of you know, President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Most of it is filled with the usual political rhetoric, but there are a few tidbits we'd like to point out as possibly being worth looking at. Or for some of you, worth being horribly terrified by.

Of course, you could read PP&B's full recap here, but we understand if it takes too much time. That's why we're boiling the whole thing down to just a few bullet points.

1) Obama will oppose companies getting a tax break when they have sent jobs overseas.

2) The president will create a department to investigate other countries who illegally download music and movies.

3) He wants the government involved in a program that will train 2 million Americans for jobs.

4) Colleges who keep upping their costs will not get government aid.

5) Comprehensive immigration reform. Obama wants a pathway for illegal immigrants to get citizenship.

6) Obama wants to stop government assistance to oil companies and invest in green jobs.

7) Infrastructure improvements.

8) Apply the same rules to everyone. No bail outs, no cop outs. The wealthiest should pay their fair share.

Kind of looks like Obama's resume in bullet-point form ...

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