Crime blog: Sunday grab bag!

ariquelmy@ledger-enquirer.comFebruary 5, 2012 

You may recall that the Grab Bag edition of the Crime Blog was initially slated for Thursdays. This has since changed, and will now occur whenever I feel like it.

All right, let's get right to it: Sticking my hand in the bag 'o police reports, pulling out a random report ... ah, here we go. Looks like someone who lives in the historic portion on Broadway was upset because there was loud music being played late Saturday night.

Hmmm. Loud music, Broadway, late Saturday night. Naturally, the police jumped right on this rapscallion, who lives in the 700 block -- not too far from the bars but far enough to tick off the neighbors, I'm sure. The officers who arrived could hear the music playing from the street. However, they couldn't make contact with anyone inside the apartment, and wrote a report about it when asked to by someone in the area.

What was the music, you ask? Police don't say, though I'm guessing it isn't Barry Manilow.

Moving on ... OK, here's one called "indecent exposure." You'd think it'd be an interesting read, but no such luck.

This is a constant problem with police reports. They tease you with the thought of someone exposing themselves and then provide no details, except that it happened about 5 p.m. Saturday on a Somerset Avenue front porch.

Where were you at that time? Composing Valentine's Day sonnets to your lady love? Playing "catch the persimmon?" No doubt you were flipping through those old Manilow albums looking for just the right composition with which to woo your wanton woman.

Just make sure you keep the music down, will ya?

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