American Idol Hollywood round 2012: What happened to Symone Black? (VIDEO)

February 8, 2012 

The drama-filled Hollywood round of "American Idol" kicked off Wednesday night with a show that ended with a contestant apparently fainting and falling off the stage.

Viewers on Thursday will find out what happened to 16-year-old Symone Black, the aforementioned singer.

Weigh in: Do you think producers are being more heartless than usual on this one?

Wednesday's hour-long show featured its share of successes, but singers like Jim Carrey's daughter (Jane) didn't fare as well and were sent home.

Here's a full recap of the episode.


Welcome to Hollywood!

First up: It's the "sudden death" round. Contestants enter the stage in groups and individually sing a cappella. This gives producers a chance to reintroduce us to some of their -- er, our -- favorites.

We see successful performances from Heejun Han, Johnny Keyser, Elise Testone, Baylie Brown and Hallie Day.

Heejun Han is my favorite from that group. I love how he wants to know how to "overcome the beauty" in Hollywood. I also like Baylie Brown.

After the break, we see successful performances from Jen Hirsh and Lauren Gray.

Unfortunately, things don't go so well for Heather Youmans, Sascha Julian and Candice Russell. They get eliminated.

Two male success stories:

Here's Phillip Phillips. Remember him? He's from Georgia and he works in a pawn shop. He sails through to the next round.

I'm not as fond of Reed Grimm, who also advances. His version of "I Got a Golden Ticket" is a little over the top.

Bad news for Travis Orlando, the repeat auditioner who's survived a variety of setbacks, including being homeless. He gets eliminated.

Other eliminations include the mechanic known as "Wolf" and Ramiro Garcia, the worship leader who was born without ears. Jenny Schick, who kissed Steven Tyler during her initial audition, also gets eliminated.

Adam Brock says he might have a black woman trapped inside his body. Translation: He has a deep, soulful voice. He says he's performing "Walking in Memphis" because J. Lo asked him to sing it during auditions. Her response: "Oh, I did?" He advances, but I'm not too impressed.

Sad news: Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey's daughter, gets eliminated.

A chain of successful performances:

Shannon Magrane, the 16-year-old singer whose dad was a baseball player

David Leathers Jr., the 17-year-old singer who calls himself Mr. Steal Your Girl

Jessica Phillips, who became her boyfriend's caregiver after he had a stroke

Angie Zeiderman, who reminds us of Lady Gaga

Brittany Kerr, the NBA cheerleader

Erika Ven Pelt, the mobile DJ

Creighton Fraker, the starving artist

Aaron Marcellus, the music teacher

Time for the last group of the night!

Lauren Mink, the singer who works with adults with disabilities, delivers a less-than-stellar rendition of Heart's "Alone."

Jeremy Rosado, who works for a doctor who treats infectious diseases, performs an OK rendition of "Superstar."

The last singer of the night: 16-year-old Symone Black. She performs "Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay." It's pretty good. After her performance, the judges ask why she sang that song. She starts mumbling though her answer...and then apparently faints, falling off the stage.

Cue the dramatic conclusion.

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