American Idol Hollywood group night 2012: Drama continues with Tent Girl, Heejun Han and Richie Lawson

February 9, 2012 

Fights! Illnesses! Cowboy drama!

Those ingredients defined this season's first "American Idol" Hollywood group round episode...and we didn't even get to the performances.

Thursday's hour-long show contained the inevitable abundance of drama, thanks in part to "Tent Girl" Amy Brumfield who caught an illness that spread to some of the other singers. On a brighter note, Symone Black -- the singer who apparently fainted and fell off the stage on Wednesday's show -- recovered and found a group to join.

Here's a full recap of the show.


Welcome to the second episode of this year's Hollywood phase, "American Idol" fans! We've entered the group round.

But first...let's get an update on Symone Black, the 16-year-old contestant who apparently fainted and fell off the stage at the end of Wednesday's show. She's OK, but she has to go to the hospital. Nonetheless, she advances to the next round of competition.

Two contestants aren't so lucky: Lauren Mink, who works with disabled adults, gets eliminated. So does Ethan Jones, whose dad went to rehab.

Jeremy Rosado advances, however.

We're down to something like 185 singers. Let the group chaos begin!

Singers must form groups of four or five. Groups must be a mixture of day one and day two contestants.

At the center of the drama? Amy Brumfield, also known as Tent Girl. (Remember, she lives in a tent.) She can't find a group. She's sick, and nobody wants to get her illness, so that certainly doesn't help.

Alisha Bernhardt, a police officer, also gets a bit aggressive while searching for a group. Big surprise: Tent Girl and Alisha end up in a group together.

Scratch that. Alisha ends up alone -- and angry -- when she refuses to sing "More Than a Feeling." It's the group consensus, but she's set on singing "Joy to the World." Um, good luck with that.

So...let's meet some of the groups.

The Bettys includes the apparently bossy Brianna Bell, plus Gabrielle Cavassa who vomits on camera but keeps practicing.

There's an unnamed group that includes Shannon Magrane (former baseball player's daughter) and nerdy frat guy Kyle Crews. Also in the group? Brielle Von Hugel, who advanced to the group round last year and sang with Pia Toscano. It seems like a pretty good group, but Brielle's mom thinks Kyle is a weak singer.

Oh wow! Symone Black is back from the hospital! She needs to find a group. Her father is acting like a total stage dad. Actually, she finds a group pretty quickly. Man, her dad is annoying.

Tent Girl's group is called Make You Believers, and they're all worried about catching her illness.

M.I.T. is a group that includes Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips, who had some kidney issues in Hollywood but is apparently OK. Also in the group? "Cowboy," who seems like a troublemaker. Heejun does NOT like Cowboy, whose real name is Richie Lawson.

There's some nasty illness going around -- thanks, Tent Girl -- and it seems like everybody is getting sick.

Big surprise: Alisha is struggling in her group, which also includes some guy named Christian who's sick.

Rough times for The Bettys. Some of them want to stay awake through the night and some of them want to sleep. Everybody goes to bed, except Brianna and Jennifer Malsch, who practice until 5:11 a.m.

Performance time! The Bettys are up first. How did they do?

We'll have to wait until next week! Drama!

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