Got your 401Kinebud?

February 14, 2012 

We've been hung up on the GOP race recently that we haven't delved into any other topics.

We change that today, when we here at PP&B dive into the cash cow that is legalized marijuana.

Check out this story about how Colorado pot dispensaries are having a heckuva time doing business because banks don't want to touch their money. It all comes down to a fear of the federal government, because state and federal laws clash on medical marijuana.

And it's pretty common knowledge who wins when the federal government is involved.

The fed isn't burning down these Colorado dispensaries (if they do, stay downwind) so what essentially equates to sanctions is taking place. The fed threatens prosecution against banks who handle cash tainted by pot, so banks don't touch it and that makes doing business more difficult.

It's a bit hypocritical coming from a Democratic president who just a year or so ago issued a directive that low level pot users wouldn't be prosecuted on the federal government. It's also pretty dumb because legalized pot would provide a cash cow of taxes to governments on every level.

Oh, sure, there's always the argument of pot should stay illegal because of its dangers to society. And we shouldn't allow gay people to marry. And alcohol shouldn't be sold on Sundays. And we shouldn't allow women to vote.

Opponents of legalized pot have won for decades. They'll still get their way for years to come. Unfortunately for them, the tide is too strong and one day they will lose. A societal shift, a "pot change," if you will, is happening in our country.

You don't have to change your views, whatever they are. But the people of this country will change its laws, sooner or later.

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